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2 Ways To Make Your Envelop Visually Appealing

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2 Ways To Make Your Envelop Visually Appealing

Envelop Design

A couple of things that a consumer looks for in business are professionalism and corporate culture. While developing a brand, entrepreneurs often forget the importance of signage that reflects the brand’s motto. These ‘little touches’ leave a bold and positive impression. With consistent and creative branding, businesses can easily showcase their legitimacy and have an all-round corporate identity.

As everything is going viral on the Web, people no longer pay much attention to the print medium. However, studies have proved that 87 percent people like a well-designed envelope with a logo at its heart. In between picking up a letter and throwing it in the trash, the envelope plays a significant role in inducing the reader into making the reader tear open the envelop and read the content inside. Besides improving the readability, a well-designed envelope also reinforces the brand image in the market.

The moment an envelope leaves the office, it gains a life of its own. To make sure the content within the envelope is read, you need to look after the following characteristics:

Use the Colors That Set an Impressive Air

A white piece of paper with a logo and an embossed design is outdated. It will no longer serve the purpose for your company. Considering the current market standards, the color is now in. Treat the open space as a blank canvas, and make the best of it to leave an impact. To add a subdued effect, make use of light shades on the background and bold colors on the front. The best part about customized design is it can be adapted as and when the branding changes. Bring in a style that helps your brand stand out.

A Classic Look Sets the Flair

To impart a classic look, designers often use a graph and lined paper in their envelope design.  This element exudes nostalgic vibes, while keeping the coolness intact. However, if you choose this material, try to keep the colors subdued. While using the thin lines, the text must be followed in red or cyan. On the contrary, if you prefer choosing a colored paper, use a duskier shade.

The envelopes are not mere carriers of your packages. They play a role a lot more significant than that. When your potential customer receives the brochure and an offer, the envelope is the first thing that catches their attention. Moreover, in business, the first impression does have a long-lasting effect on the entire process. Even the most alluring catalog and brochure will have no effects unless you fail to induce your customer into opening the envelope, in the first place.

With time, businesses are realizing the importance of envelopes as part of their office stationeries. As a result of it, now we can see that big brands and start-ups alike are making use of creatively designed envelopes, depicting the brand image and motto of the business. If you plan to custom design your collaterals, contact us here. Our creative team will enable you to create a piece based on your business demands.

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