Month: April 2018

Get More Done With New Time-Saving Features In The Latest Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 update

Windows 10 is the Operating System that keeps on giving, and with the newest April 2018 update, Microsoft is all set to tackle one of the most criticized aspects of its software – time management. The tech giant has received a lot of flak in the past for random pop-ups, unscheduled updates, and constant notifications […]

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3 Branding Lessons to Learn From Game of Thrones


If you are a Game of Thrones (GOT) fan, you are already missing the epic-fantasy drama after the close of the seventh season on HBO last year. And the long wait until 2019 for the final season is a disappointing feeling. However, fan theories about the series are flooding online. Now GOT, created by George […]

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Why Your Brand Must Have A Meaningful and Suggestive Logo?

Logo design

A professional, meaningful logo is more than it meets the customers’ eyes — your logo reflects your brand. For example, travel and tourism businesses often integrate some fun elements that help convey the benefits of taking a vacation. Your brand logo should not look similar to another company’s identity design. In such a scenario, how […]

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3 Tips to Capitalize on The Instacraze


Visibility is something every business wants but very few achieve. Why? Because getting the masses to notice your brand is easy on paper, but difficult in reality. And with our attention spans dipping lower than a goldfish, growing a loyal follower base who is willing to buy your products is harder than ever. Enter Instagram, […]

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3 Tips to Ensure A Seamless AWS Migration

amazon web services

So you are all set to take the big leap forward and migrate to the Amazon Web Services (AWS). And when you do this, you will have to keep your business’s existing infrastructure buoyant while coping with the changes to your systems, tools, processes, and structure. Then, many organizations are opting for AWS cloud as […]

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AI is Advancing Faster than We can Comprehend: What’s Next?

Ai is Advancing Faster than We can Comprehend

As of now, the intelligent human beings have excelled in every sphere. But in the years to come, it is the intelligent machines that are predicted to give humans a run for their money. There have been several claims where artificial intelligence (AI) is labeled as the torchbearer of modern science, and the last resort […]

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3 Ways To Avoid Content Mediocrity

How many different ways can you say, “Choose our products,” without annoying your readers or making them feel jaded? When you keep churning out blogs and articles on a day to day basis, your content tends to become boring. The piece does not read well. And when your write-ups lack the unique flavor, the monotony […]

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Ruby on Rails Remains Relevant in 2018: Here’s Why

ruby on rails

Node.js will be the bane of Ruby on Rails is a popular theory doing the rounds in the IT industry from 2014 onwards. But in spite of the odds – a steep learning curve and the need for pinpoint precision come to mind – Ruby has persisted, nay thrived, in the modern market. If you’ve […]

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Worldwide Spending on Blockchain Reached $2.1 Billion in 2018 So Far: What Is The Big Deal?

Blockchain Technology

Does the very idea of online financial frauds send chills down your spine? How about owning the data that belongs to you and storing them in a secure, reliable, and distributed database? The blockchain technology, which everybody hopes will contribute to the making of a more open, accessible, and fair financial future, can make that […]

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3 Ways Cross-Platform Apps Benefit Your Business

Cross-Platform Apps

As mobile applications penetrate everyday operations and become an indispensable part of the enterprise ecosystem, more businesses are turning from web development to mobile app development. But building new apps for iOS and Android platforms is time-consuming and often expensive, especially given the current demand. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the US mobile […]

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