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3 Android Oreo Features That Change The Discourse Of Mobile App Development

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3 Android Oreo Features That Change The Discourse Of Mobile App Development

Android Oreo Features

The smartphones are now an integral part of human lives, and over the years, our reliance on these devices has increased at an alarming rate. We need mobile phones to wake up in the morning, to connect with the world, even when we’re on transit, to entertain ourselves with movies and music, and also to carry out the essential business procedures. Studies have already proved how human beings are connected to their smartphones in one way or the other every alternate minute while they are awake.

Finally, Android 8.0 Oreo has launched in the market claiming to be more stable, functional and also future-intuitive. Features like integrated instant apps, autofill, instant boot time, and Google Play Protect makes it arguably the most powerful version of Android OS till date. What among them suit your app? Here are some of the features that developers should incorporate in their mobile apps to make them more efficient.

New Autofill Framework

Every time you log in to an application, it gets painful to type all the details, including the email-id, username, password, address over and over again. To bring a permanent solution, the Autofill framework can be integrated with the new Android Oreo making the process easier. This not only saves a lot of time for the developers but also reduces the effort needed to work with third-party keyboards.

A Major Change in Notifications

There are three significant changes that the notifications have received in the new Android Oreo. They are:

  • The notification shade has received performance improvements, visual changes that include color tweak and media controls.
  • The notification dots have received further enhancements.
  • In response to people’s never-ending complaint with regard to the notification management, Android Oreo has added a notification channel, which is a unified system that helps users manage their notifications.

The Splash Screen API

Those who have been working on the Android platform for some time know about the several attempts made for developing a splash screen. Of all the approaches in improving splash screen, the one that you cannot fail to notice is the drawable customized theme using the Splash Activity. In the latest version of Android Oreo, Google has streamlined this entire process with the help of an API. It is now more comfortable for the Android developers to build splash screens, furthermore making it convenient for the Android app to deal with heavy activities.

Apart from these three features, there are many more exciting improvements, which directly impact the Android app development companies. However, if you are looking for developers who can quickly catch up with these upcoming trends and match the required skill set, do not hesitate to Contact Us. We believe that innovation is the only critical step towards progress.

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