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3 Branding Lessons to Learn From Game of Thrones

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3 Branding Lessons to Learn From Game of Thrones


If you are a Game of Thrones (GOT) fan, you are already missing the epic-fantasy drama after the close of the seventh season on HBO last year. And the long wait until 2019 for the final season is a disappointing feeling. However, fan theories about the series are flooding online. Now GOT, created by George R R Martin, is based on his series of novels, ‘The Song of Ice and Fire’. It has a lot to teach you about branding. If you have closely followed the story, its characters, and the rise and fall of the great houses of the fictional world of Westeros, you know what we’re talking about. Every house, big or small, comes with a ‘sigil’ or a heraldic symbol associated with a local animal to symbolize it. Each of them has a phrase to represent their values. These specialized symbols and their corresponding phrases can be compared to logos and slogans. All these can teach you three things about branding.

1. Create a Smart Logo and Tagline

House Stark has the sigil, dire wolf and phrase, ‘Winter is Coming’. They are frightening yet popular. Now, harmless animals like seals and penguins inhabit the arctic regions.  However, the Starks did not pick them, but chose the scariest one, the dire wolf. And the lesson of the story? When branding, choose a differentiator, and use it to your advantage. Focus on what your company is good at. Figure out why customers like you and what makes your competitors fear you. The Stark slogan tells you to prepare for the cold weather and be futuristic. The same rule holds true for your brand. Your business should give your customers something to reflect on without being too direct. Your logo and tagline must capture the essence of your brand.

2. Avoid Making Your Customers Angry

Do you recall the episode when King Joffrey was taking a tour of his capital? And the masses flinging dung at him? Though the tyrannical king ordered his men to kill all of them, he made people around him angry that finally led to Joffrey’s death and downfall. So what lesson do you learn from it? Care for your customers because they are the lifeline of your business. Without them, you are sure to lose business. If your customers are unhappy about your product or service, address the issue fast and amiably. Oppressing subjects as Joffrey did is nothing but bad PR for your brand.

3. Build a Powerful Reputation

Jamie Lannister was never trusted because he was called, ‘Kingslayer’, in the capital. Though he killed the mad king some 20 years ago, he failed to change the commoner’s view about him. Similarly, your bad reputation as a business will come first in this age of online testimonials, reviews, and social media. Once your goodwill is ruined, it is very difficult to restore it. Do not say something about your business that has a double meaning. You have often heard the Lannisters say, “A Lannister always pays his debts.” Now, this is something that means reliability, but also evokes feelings of revenge or warning that could damage your brand’s reputation. Re-brand if necessary to regain your audience’s confidence.

GOT is now a brand with millions of loyal fans and followers throughout the world. You, too, can build your brand as epic as this fantasy drama. We all remember Arya Stark saying, “A girl has a name.” So just like her, make a name for your brand. If you want to put your business in the right direction and work towards its success, contact our branding team today.

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