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3 E-Commerce Trends That Make Your Business More Profitable In

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3 E-Commerce Trends That Make Your Business More Profitable In

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A 2016 eMarketer study revealed that the e-commerce industry would experience double-digit growth until 2020 with sales expected to cross the $4 trillion mark. Thus, the future of e-commerce is bright, and if you wish to claim your share of the proverbial pie, it’s time to step up and implement the e-commerce trends that matter in the current market situation.

1. Build Credibility with Your Buyers

When a customer interacts with your business and invests in a service or product associated with your sector, you must produce and distribute content that solidifies your position as an expert and a trusted resource. Why? Because 85 percent of consumers now research items thoroughly before buying them online. So, focusing on your organic search helps draw their attention in the first place. Then aligning it with your PR strategy educates and engages buyers while they deliberate their purchase decisions.

2. Integrate Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

As machine learning gains widespread traction, many e-commerce systems have embraced the technology to provide customers with what they want in less time and effort. One area, in particular, has witnessed considerable advancement in adoption and sophistication – the customer service chatbot. These apps are capable of performing complex activities, from assisted transactional functionality to problem resolution.

Facebook, for example, gives several retailers access to new chatbot tools that enable conversational agents within Facebook Messenger to fulfill transactions directly without relying on another website to process the payments. AI and machine learning improve the helpfulness and accuracy of product recommendations. These technologies take a shift from the traditional keyword-based systems to the ones that factor in semantically-related items and greater customization of results based on the buyer’s shopping preferences and product purchase histories.

3. Pay Attention to Voice Shopping

In the next couple of years, half of all online searches will become voice-based as people find it more convenient to use their voice. No wonder almost 60 percent of individuals with a virtual assistant make purchases using voice commands. Optimizing keywords for long-tail keywords and natural languages can help your online business rank in voice searches. What’s more, advertisers stand to benefit from this amazing opportunity by integrating ads into their online content.

Businesses must be on the ball with relevant and potentially groundbreaking e-commerce trends in 2018. Otherwise, they will fail to satisfy customers and increase revenue. But this is easier said than done when your hands are already full, juggling other aspects of the business that demand your attention. To make things easier on yourself as well as to avoid missing out on prime e-commerce opportunities, delegate the task to a qualified, reliable third-party service provider. Click here to contact a reputed e-commerce development firm.

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