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3 Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Business

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3 Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Business


With its 1.45 billion  daily logins as of March 2018, Facebook seems just the right platform to market your brand.  And needless to say, FB owns 77 percent of all social network logins. To reach out to your targeted audience, having your presence on FB is necessary.  But where should you begin? Read the part one of this short series on social media campaigns for an answer.

1. Try Posting at Non-Peak Times

  • Majority of FB posts are published at peak times. Post before and after work hours, instead.
  • Shift your post scheduling plan from the peak times to the most effective times.
  • By posting between 7 am and 11 pm, you can increase your median reach by 6 percent and median clicks by 10 percent.
  • Consider the 11 pm slot to experience 25 percent more clicks on your FB posts with every reach and clicks showing significant improvements. Share posts in the evenings. It works great.

2. Post about Events and Promotion

  • Promote sale, product launch, or rebranding through ‘Facebook Event’.
  • To promote your event, pick a cover photo having 1920 x 1080 pixels. Make it appealing enough to grab the attendees’ attention so that they share the event with other users.
  • Pick a short, catchy, and memorable event name. That’s because FB’s event team confirm that longer names perform poorly on this platform.
  • Post about upcoming events to the timeline to generate interest and engagement. Share it multiple times and well in advance before your event.

3. Post Link Updates

  • FB values link posts. So start sharing link updates related to your niche business or industry.
  • Try this method for an increased median reach. With link updates, median reach can increase by up to 70 percent and average reach by 20 percent.
  • Increase post engagement with a customized teaser image. It can increase median and average clicks for each post by almost by 85 percent.

So, now that you know how to make FB work for your business campaigns, stay tuned for the next series of tips on Twitter marketing. Try our tips and see the results. And if you want to increase post likes, views or reach, contact us today.

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