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3 Hot Tools To Take The Cross-Platform App Development To The Next Level

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3 Hot Tools To Take The Cross-Platform App Development To The Next Level

Cross platform mobile app

On an average, an American adult spends roughly 73.8 hours per month on his/her smartphone. On a smaller scale, the usage of the smartphone comes down to a bit less than 2.5 hours per day. These figures have proved lucrative enough for businesses. The importance of having a presence on the web was established long back; these figures show how important it is now to create a mobile presence. The mobile app development industry has grown exponentially in the recent times,   and to keep up with the pace, coders have felt the necessity of leveraging newer tools. Earlier, the developers had no choice other than developing software from scratch. However, with time, things have advanced, and they got hold of cross-platform mobile app development tools which give them a native environment to work on keeping the functionality intact.

Companies have done enough experimentation, and PhoneGap seems to be the most popular one. Even though PhoneGap is good, it is not that great to hang on forever. That is whys app development companies are always on the lookout for a solution that will show the best direction. Here’s how the post PhoneGap world looks like.

When it comes down to platforms for mobile app development, there are only three options –Android, iOS, and HTML5. Some might question for not including Microsoft, Blackberry, and Tizen. However, these platforms are long gone. While keeping the development on these three platforms at the core, one must remember that all of them have two separate versions to deliver – the native applications and the websites.

Here are the three tools that enhance the scope of cross-platform mobile application development solutions.


Named after a startup, it had its focus on delivering enterprise-quality, cross-platform solutions for iOS, Android, and Windows. They had C# at the core, and it was convenient for them since C# is the default development language for Microsoft. There are three distinctive features of Xamarin tools:

  • The Xamarin Platform – It helps build mobile and desktop solutions with C# at the core in a single studio and is deployed on iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • The Xamarin Test Cloud – Cloud services are in trend. Integrating codes with the cloud service allows the developing team test at any point in time.
  • Insights – To track down the app crash or what the favorite trends are, the Xamarin Insights are of great use when it comes to tracking down the cause of app crash or what the favorite app trends are.

Xamarin never puts a stop to development. It is the only cross-platform development tool that works with continuous integration, testing, and steady support at its core.


This is the easiest and safest option developers have always adhered to when it comes to cross-platform app development. Since the day World Wide Web was put on smartphones, HTML5 needed a catalyst to trigger its features. HTML5 is simply crazy, and with the capability to adapt to changing conditions, it provides developers the flexibility and pushes the concept of the web application. Know what HTML5 allows you to do know.

  • IndexedAB is a database system where the data is stored and can be taken easily even when there’s no Web.
  • Web Workers allow threading and backgrounding workers.
  • The Pointer enables touch and stylus interaction effectively.
  • The WebGL is providing a full 3D environment.

Google and Apple make sure their developers can make the best use of HTML5 technologies and get into the world of web development fast.

Iconic Framework

The Iconic cross-platform development environment is brand new and is yet to be released. This is going to be interesting because there’s no experience working on this, but it is expected to be superbly fast. The core of the Iconic framework is based upon AngularJS and Apache Cordova. The strategic combination of these two languages has allowed creating complicated lists without leaving any impact on the device and its performance. The Iconic has always been created to enhance the performance and here are three tools which allow Iconic to work smoothly.

  • The Iconic Framework has given developers the necessary tools for building the mobile applications which are based on CSS/HTML/JS.
  • The Iconic Creator works simultaneously with the Drag-and-Drop tool so that the developers can have a solution without further coding.
  • The View App tool helps to test the apps on Android and iOS.

The entire essence of using the cross-platform development is to streamline the process and reduce time. As they have matured over time, the right sized tool will help developers to leverage the skills over time. Want to know more? Contact us here.

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