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3 Reasons to Skip CMS Development on Your Own

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3 Reasons to Skip CMS Development on Your Own


A content management system (CMS) can make or break your business. So, when the time comes to choose the right one, don’t take this decision lightly. Several marketers, writers, and designers, however, complain about the difficulties and limitations of CMS. Eventually, they decide to create a homemade CMS. The truth is, writing your own CMS makes sense only if your core business is content management or you have unique compliance and security needs. And even then, every hour spent building a custom content management system is an hour you could be spending honing your core skills. But what’s the big deal about creating your own CMS? Why do experts recommend on outsourcing this task to an experienced third-party? Find out more details below:

1. Security Drawbacks

A website that gets hacked easily is no good. Apart from losing content (and sometimes backups as well), you could lose the trust of your customers and risk liability. After all, nobody takes kindly to the loss of passwords and other confidential data. That’s not all – Google generally pulls hacked websites out of the index, thereby leading to loads of costly downtime. Although hackers and other malicious online entities target the commonly available CMS, the CMS you created might still be a target of SQL injections. Thus, when taking responsibility for the security of your website and user data, it is important to understand the consequences of your actions.

2. A Very Time-Consuming Process

Building a personalized CMS should never be a rush job; it demands plenty of time and attention. If you’re unable to spend the requisite resources each month towards maintaining the CMS, you should not build one in the first place. Being a multi-layered software tool, a CMS is a lot more complicated than using a document database and creating some editing interface atop that. You need to focus on various layers, from versioning to content modeling, from permissions to search, and from workflow to language variants.

3. You Coerce Clients Into Staying With Your Company

Believe it or not, a custom CMS often leads to the loss of potential customers. Why? Because very few clients want their websites maintained solely by their respective web development companies. This gives them the freedom to leave whenever they want. Plus, it does not bode well for your company’s image if you retain clients by locking them in. Let the quality of your work speak for itself; instead of making your audience dependent on the CMS, impress them with your efficiency and attention to detail.

Growing your business is a full-time commitment. So leave the website creation to the experts. Spend your time helping clients instead, understanding their needs and requirements, and developing products and services accordingly. This way, you not only save a lot of time and effort but manage to take advantage of the expertise of others. Just make sure you select a web development company that not only maintains its codebase but provides the necessary support, bug fixing and documentation. To get in touch with one such company, click here.

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