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3 Seo Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs In 2018

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3 Seo Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs In 2018

Seo Mistakes 2018

Every few years, voices from the farthest reaches of the marketing world whisper that SEO is a dying industry. But with an approximate value of more than $70 billion in 2017, SEO is far from obsolete. In fact, it remains one of the most cost-effective inbound marketing options for online businesses. So, if you want search engines to notice your brand, the time is ripe to sharpen your SEO strategy. And that involves eliminating all the blunders and bloopers that hold your company back from achieving its full potential. Sure, you might have modified your SEO policies in the past, but with 2018 in full swing, you must overcome new issues if you want your site to show up on the first page:

1. Incorrect Link Building Techniques

Whenever a business attempts to purchase links, work through link baits, or engage in other shady practices, Google penalizes it severely. Why? Because more often than not, these low-quality links are faulty and reflect poorly on the website’s link profile. As a result, the company site might be mistaken for spam. A company that does not know how to build backlinks legitimately should either read up on Google’s guidelines on building high-value links ethically or approach a professional SEO company.

2. Ignoring Technical Errors

No matter how much work you put in, technical issues will sabotage all SEO efforts. Be on the lookout for incorrect usage of the “noindex” tag, “robots.txt” while indexing pages, and multiple H1 title tags. Minimizing technical SEO problems is beneficial in the long run. So, conduct frequent audits to ensure that no technicalities prevent your website from being crawled, indexed, and loaded regularly.

3. Poor Guest Blogging

Although guest blogging still retains much of its efficacy, it can no longer be used as a standalone means to gain links. Unless you switch from spammy guest blogging to more legitimate methods, your business might be penalized for using black hat techniques. So, instruct guest bloggers to post content relevant to your company’s theme. Add inbound links to your guest blogs in the form of anchor text and keywords, and boost your SEO. Be sure to publish high-quality content to attract traffic and potential customers to your site.

SEO is constantly changing and proactively adjusting for the Internet. Businesses must adopt the latest tools and techniques to boost search rankings, sales, and traffic for your business. However, not every company can afford to spend countless hours brushing up its SEO knowledge. So, it’s best to hire a qualified, experienced service provider, instead and devote more time to core business activities. To get in touch with a competent search engine optimization firm, click here.

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