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3 Social Media Techniques To Re-Energize Your Restaurant’s Brand

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3 Social Media Techniques To Re-Energize Your Restaurant’s Brand

3 Social Media Techniques To Re-Energize Your Restaurant’s Brand

Establishing a strong online presence through social media is one of the most effective methods of marketing your restaurant. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide solid platforms to connect directly with your existing and potential customers, especially Gen Z (

Certain brands excel at generating good online buzz. Wendy’s, for example, made news due to their humorous and snarky tweets paired with reliable service at their brick and mortar locations. IHOP recently pulled off a social media coup of sorts by re-branding themselves as IHOb to promote its newly introduced burger menu. Consistency wins at the end of the day if you want your restaurant brand to move forward with a new social media plan.

Below are five key techniques to boost your eatery’s social media programs:

1. Share Behind-the-Scenes Content

Earn brownie points from customers by giving an exclusive look into your restaurant. Post images and videos that show your chefs in action and present your brand in a positive light. Upload pictures of you connecting with a local vendor or farmer, or swap stories of your kitchen shenanigans. Feel free to talk about your favorite staff tradition and post recipes. Remember, the more interactive and conversational your content is, the more you will engage online visitors.

2. Host Fun Contests on Social Media

Mom-and-pop shops need all the engagement they can get, and a great way to attract online traffic involves running fun contests on social media. For example, you can offer gift cards or discounts to whoever provides the best caption for your picture. Or, pick a winner out of family recipe submissions. Not only does this improve online traffic but it also encourages people to visit your establishment and spend money.

3. Use Influencers to Get the Word Out

Word-of-mouth and recommendations yield amazing results on social media. However, these marketing methods take off only if you adopt a proactive stance and give your customers a reason to talk about your restaurant. So, invite local restaurant critics and bloggers to dine at your establishment. Create innovative dishes so they discuss about your food on social networking platforms. If budget permits, you might even go for paid channels with large social media followings. However, the paid influencers have a local following. It doesn’t help if your restaurant is located in Florida, and word reaches foodies in Canada. Don’t hesitate to be creative and build connections.

A restaurant’s job is to prepare excellent food and keep customers happy; nobody expects them to be a digital marketing expert. So, if you want to revive your restaurant brand with the help of a social media campaign but are new to the world of SEO, it might get overwhelming in the beginning. That’s why you need a trustworthy, experienced company capable of handling this sort of a job. To get in touch with one, click here.

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