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3 Tips to Capitalize on The Instacraze

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3 Tips to Capitalize on The Instacraze


Visibility is something every business wants but very few achieve. Why? Because getting the masses to notice your brand is easy on paper, but difficult in reality. And with our attention spans dipping lower than a goldfish, growing a loyal follower base who is willing to buy your products is harder than ever. Enter Instagram, an effective and results-driven social media marketing platform. With 800 million monthly active users, the channel has proven to be the perfect visual advertising companion for thousands of brands. In fact, compared to other social media networks, Instagram has the potential to create 25 percent more engagement. So, irrespective of size, industry, and type, your business can depend on Instagram for exposure through the following techniques:

Know Your Audience

Which consumers are interested in your brand? That’s the million dollar question you need to figure out as quickly as possible, so you can give the customers what they want. Establish a rapport by sharing your personal story, enticing them with incentives and giveaways, and engaging them with questions. Above all, be respectful and adopt a policy of complete transparency. The more you engage with your audience, the more you connect with them, and the best engagement method involves researching your audience thoroughly and finding out what their interests are. Now, all this is quite time-consuming, but Instagram simplifies the process thanks to IG insights – a smart, free service to quickly give you a rundown of which posts are performing well, which ones your customers are responding to, and who you are following. Use Insights to know who your buyers are and what’s performing, and develop the perfect sales strategy, accordingly.

Develop Original Content

It’s not about quantity, but quality. So, reposting old content or sharing low-quality content does your business more harm than good. Instead of aping what’s hot, fall back on the time-tested technique of revealing who you are to the customer. Once they understand what makes you tick, they will be more open to the idea of doing business with you. Show them where you’re coming up, and let your content reflect your experiences. Instagram being a visual medium, learn to post content that reflects your aesthetics and core ideals, and draw in customers.

Create an Email List

Rather than selling directly via Instagram, start by adding your followers to an email list. Such a list is useful for building trust and establishing individual relationships with the subscriber. To turn your cold Insta followers into warm ones, all you need to do is post good shots regularly. But with your email subs, you’ll have to take things a step further. This is applicable even more in the case of expensive products. If you want customers to invest in a costly product, you need to get them to trust your business first.

Market your products to the target demographics without paying a bomb for paid advertising by devising a reliable Instagram marketing strategy for your company. And if you need help with this process, contact us here.

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