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3 Twitter Marketing Tips to Get More Out of Your E-Commerce Venture

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3 Twitter Marketing Tips to Get More Out of Your E-Commerce Venture


With over 330 million monthly active users worldwide, Twitter presents a valuable sales and marketing tool for e-commerce businesses. If you have an online store, take advantage of the various features of the platform. A successful campaign establishes you as an authority in your sector and engages your target audience better than you’d ever anticipated. To get started, check out the tips below:

1. Capture the Attention of Your Audience

Posting images and videos of your product is always a good idea, but not incentive enough for viewers to purchase the item. Twitter users demand more, namely brand presence. So, set up your brand or company to be as relatable as possible.

  • Create and upload interesting content or memes pertaining to your products or industry as a whole.
  • Keep an eye on trending hashtags that get you involved in trending discussions.
  • Try to inspire potential customers via your products, so they are compelled to buy something.

2. Focus on Your Twitter Profile

First impressions matter and the best way to interest customers in your company/product/brand is to develop a killer profile page. Optimize it to experience the best results for your business. Every Twitter profile page has multiple elements, and you should not skimp on any of them.

  • Cover Picture: Pick a striking photo that best represents your brand and overlay it with a short, meaningful line of text for maximum impact.
  • Profile Picture: Crop your logo to create a square version of your brand logo or choose an image that best reflects your business. Keep words to a minimum, because the picture appears tiny in the Twitter feed. Increase the size of the text to prevent viewers from straining to read what is written.
  • Bio: Think of the Twitter bio as a brief, 160-character elevator pitch that tells customers what to expect from your brand and gives them a reason to establish a connection. Include relevant keywords and make sure the text complements your cover and profile pictures without reading like an independent entity.

Remember, the more attractive the account, the more people are likely to visit your profile. And, if they like what they see, congratulations! You’ve just gained a new follower!

3. Launch a Well-Planned Hashtag Campaign

Hashtags are a natural part of the Twitter biosphere, and you can build up your brand presence on the platform by creating a hashtag of your own. As it trends, your business will draw potential followers and attract lots of attention. All this has a high chance of translating into more sales. To devise a strategic hashtag campaign on Twitter:

  • Ensure the hashtag you pick is unique.
  • Keep it as simple as possible.
  • Make sure it is catchy and memorable.
  • Above all, it should be relevant to your overall brand.

Set a new goal for your business to try and convince as many people as you can to create content and use your hashtags. This provides more brand visibility on Twitter. And, what better way to motivate users than the promise of a reward, ranging from a lucrative discount to a small gift.

Despite being one of the busiest social platforms for businesses, only 60 percent of websites using Facebook also market on Twitter. So, your e-commerce site can take advantage of this opportunity to develop a strong presence on this network and improve your brand awareness. If you require further assistance, feel free to reach out to us here.

More tips on other social media platforms are coming up;  stay tuned.

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