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3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Take Mobile App Marketing to The Next Level

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3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Take Mobile App Marketing to The Next Level

Artificial Intelligence Will Take Mobile App Marketing

Intuitive mobile apps coupled with artificial intelligence (AI) have taken the world by storm. Based on the findings of DemandBase, a US and UK-based company helping B2B marketers to achieve their business goals, 80 percent of marketing professionals expect that AI will reshape the industry by 2020.  With major technological breakthroughs, mobile app development and AI have simplified our lives, changing impossible into reality. From predictive analytics, smart chatbots, voice recognition to context-responsive sensors, businesses, and software developers are using innovative methods to leverage AI and mobile apps to offer new products and outstanding user experience. Therefore, it is no wonder why AI is the unanimous choice of industry experts. Here is how AI is revolutionizing the mobile app marketing landscape:

1. User Behavior Analysis

When you have multiple downloads to your credit from your app, it is time for you to exploring strategies to increase your revenues from them. Acquiring new customers is challenging, tedious, and takes a lot of your time. Hard selling techniques like sending end number of emails, in-app messages, and  push notifications may force your customers to press the uninstall button. In this situation, you need to proceed discreetly when it comes to conveying marketing messages to your customers. This is where AI cuts in –  it helps you figure out who, when, and what you want to sell to your customers. It helps you understand user behavior through processing data in no time. AI  filter the genuine leads from the bad ones. Based on customer behavior, AI-based systems know the best time to market your new products through your app.

2. Human-Like and Reasoning Ability

Now you can develop apps leveraging AI and machine learning. Mobile apps today have human-like ability to reason out themselves sans human intervention. The applications are programmed to understand the actions when users navigate the same, making fast decisions. Ola or Uber cab apps, for instance, recommend the fastest route to the drivers considering road conditions, traffic, and time of day. The reasoning ability is achieved using loads of data from the other drivers taking the same routes on past trips. With AI and smart mobile apps, your customers get a more personalized experience to make their lives simpler.

3. Understanding User Preferences

Did you know that the majority of your app users stop using it after three months from the first download? It happens because you have failed to offer new, useful, and engaging content to them. With AI and smart algorithms, apps can monitor customer choices and understand what they like or dislike. Based on this data, mobile apps make product recommendations to your customers, keeping them hooked.

Mobile app development is not in its nascent stage anymore. The users have become more demanding, and they look for a more seamless experience. So, if you want to develop mobile apps for your business with integrated AI, contact our app development team now.

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