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3 Ways To Boost Conversions of Your Web Store

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3 Ways To Boost Conversions of Your Web Store

E-stores Conversion Rates

When you own a web store, your goal is simple — get as many conversions as you can. But that does not mean that you should start hard-selling your products. Make use of smart strategies, instead, to bring in customers to your e-commerce store. And when it comes to adopting sales strategies, you must remember that your online shop is no different from a brick and mortar one. In a physical store, you need to prep the walls, use lighting as well as organize the space to appeal to shoppers. Similarly, to make your e-store attractive, you should focus on implementing a functional design, seamless navigation, and a pleasing shopping experience. So, what are you supposed to do to increase conversions? Here are three tips to drive traffic and improve e-commerce sales.

1. Make Product Images Stand Out

Online shoppers today do not want to browse your e-commerce website, they want to experience convenient shopping. This is the reason why you should use high-quality and creative product images to ease customers into the process. For example, you will fail to pique buyer’s interest by displaying your items against a stark background. You will need to present them in an in-use situation. For example, if you sell home-décor items,  design a stellar product page by depicting the use of colorful throw pillows in a living room setting. Show them stacked on a chaise longue rather using a few images against a white background.

2. Write Good Product Descriptions

Product descriptions sell. What defines a smart sales copy? It is one that does not use stock descriptions or lace it with hype to lure buyers. If you follow these practices, your copy will end up as duplicate content and poor shopping experience. It is possible that your customer has already come across the same text at another stage. This is where a talented copywriter steps in. Short, simple, and lucid descriptions add value to your shoppers, helping them to make an informed decision. Capture the essence of your product in the text, who it is meant for, and how it will make your customer’s life simple. Change your product descriptions into compelling stories.

3. Use Direct Call-to-Action

Instead of designing indirect call-to-action (CTA) buttons such as ‘Buy here’, ‘Contact today’, ask your designers to create direct CTA buttons ‘Shop now’, ‘Get the best price’, and ‘Free shipping’. When it comes to direct CTAs, they spur online shoppers to take some action. They can click on the ‘Buy’ button, fill out a form, or download your product catalog. Direct CTAs result in a positive response from your web store buyers.

Conversion rate optimization for your online store is not a one-time solution. In fact, it should be integrated into your 360-degree digital marketing strategy. Even a three or four percent increase can be a real game changer when it comes to boosting your sales. So if you want to take your e-commerce web development to the next level, contact us today.

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