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3 Ways To Avoid Content Mediocrity

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3 Ways To Avoid Content Mediocrity

How many different ways can you say, “Choose our products,” without annoying your readers or making them feel jaded? When you keep churning out blogs and articles on a day to day basis, your content tends to become boring. The piece does not read well. And when your write-ups lack the unique flavor, the monotony will show. Despite spending hours on a single piece, the result will be zero. You see little or no traffic on your website, no user engagement, and no conversions. Fret not! We have some great ideas for you that will help you churn out unique, engaging content:

1. Come up with Unique Ideas

Lackluster content is what makes your blogs tedious. Think of new ideas. Draw examples from your experiences to make your write-ups alluring to your readers. For example, if you have an online flower delivery business, write an interesting blog about how a bouquet of yellow roses will brighten your friend’s smile on Friendship Day. Similarly, you can write a creative piece about carnations or lily of the valley if you want your customers to gift flowers to their moms this Mother’s Day. In short, avoid reiterating your flower delivery process. Otherwise, your content will become stale sooner than you realize.

2. Use Simple, Lucid Language

Avoid using overly complicated sentences and redundant ideas. Now that does not mean you should compose five or six short sentences for the sake of easy read. Maintain a consistent style and flow of information in all such sentences without making your readers yawn. Even if that means writing a long paragraph to make your point, do just that. Write about things your audience loves to read. Convey a sense of urgency and usefulness through your sentences instead of using flowery words that serve no purpose. Remember that you are writing to market your products. No one expects you to write a sonnet.

3. Support Your Content with Original Pictures

Your business website or blog should have relevant and appealing images to support the text. Gone are the days of using stock photos. Personalize the visuals and relate it to your topic or product. Pique readers’ interest with unique visuals. Your writers and designers should collaborate. Pictures drive engagement. Include videos or infographics instead of chunks of text, if necessary.

Content marketing is a rewarding journey if you know how to go about it. When you sit to write a blog for your business, do not hard sell your ideas. Tell an interesting story about your offerings, instead. Create magic with words to connect with your audience. If you need further information about creating stellar content that sells, contact us now.

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