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3 Ways to Capitalize On Your Twitter Account to Overtake Your Competitors

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3 Ways to Capitalize On Your Twitter Account to Overtake Your Competitors


Impatience to find success is a common trait of any millennial. And their partial association with the digital platforms allows the growth of misconceptions that Twitter marketing can boost the sales of their products or services instantaneously. Hence, a few Twitter marketing techniques like using hashtags were born.  But all these techniques fizzled out soon. With a diverse use of social media platforms, people across multiple industries are using similar hashtags to be a part of the trend. With niche business perspectives in mind, this doesn’t hold its relevance any further, giving rise to alternative strategies in making tweets more useful. Several advanced methods took up their space. Here we discuss three of them that you can integrate into your marketing mix:

Be A Little Unconventional With the Tweet Layout

A tweet layout can be broken into two components – link and video/image.

When it comes to linking, people either place the link abruptly in between the tweets or at the end of it, and think that they work the same way.  However, there was some use of heat maps on the tweets which had links in them. And in this minute experiment, it came up that the click-through rate of the tweet was higher than the average when the links were placed more towards the beginning.

Now coming to the second component – image – Twitter now provides its users more options. Instead of keeping itself restricted to just pictures and videos in their tweets, they now offer the option of using GIFs –, a re-designed way of using Twitter.

Make the Best Use of Followers on Twitter

Of the three Ws (Why what, and When) that are essential in marketing a product or service, the ‘Why’ has always attracted the attention of the consumers. People are more intrigued to know why your products or service is launched than to know what product and when. Most people who follow your company like your products and services and they are the best persons to tell others, ‘why’ your product is special and unique. While marketing with Twitter, make sure to work with these crowd influencers by creating some specific content targeting them and never forget to mention them.

There’s a ‘Twitter List’ Feature which helps to locate the local influencers by tracking down the people who re-tweet and even reply often. Capitalize on these loyal followers and reward them by adding them to exclusive promotions. This tactic can go a long way to increase customer engagement.

Just be Careful with Timing Studies have shown that any tweet has a half-life of 24 minutes. And in a span of three hours, it reaches 75 percent of its reach. Going by these statistics, you must understand how critical timing is. To maximize your engagement, you will need to tweet at the right time.  Here are a few tips that the experts share:

  • Tweet regularly to attract and engage more followers. Start by posting at least once a day, and find out how the followers are reacting. Depending on the response, now change your frequency.
  • Statistical analysis shows, there should be some time gaps between posts throughout the day. For the best result, post at 12 p.m., 5 p.m., and 6 p.m. Now, stretch or reduce the gaps according to the response you get.
  • Twitter Analytics is of great use. Use the engagement data and hence adjust your timing and frequency accordingly.

Relevance being the keyword, Twitter has introduced tailored trends back in 2012 to give the users a list of selected audience based on their location. By opening up new opportunities for researching the market, Twitter has come down a long way since its debut.

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