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4 B2B PPC Practices to Boost Your Businesses

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4 B2B PPC Practices to Boost Your Businesses

PPC Marketing

Those who have been in the digital marketing industry know the specific use of PPC campaigns. Ideally, the digital marketing experts make the use of PPC for B2C segment either for direct sales or lead generation. The marketers run the paid search ads for the respective product or service, and this draws the prospective customers directly to the landing page. While the B2C PPC campaigns are immensely popular B2B PPC campaigns are not. Nevertheless, they have great potentials.

Several different engagement strategies can be employed for marketing a business whose target audience is other businesses than a customer-oriented audience. And while doing this, there are key tactics which the marketers should adopt for better results.

AdWords Attribution

The entire data-driven attribution, as suggested by Google, uses the machine learning algorithm to calculate the partial credit in separate touch points in the funnel. When you get to know from the publisher that the black box algorithm is the only way to go, you will notice that you require 15,000 clicks and 600 conversions in the last 30 days to qualify. Those businesses which fail to reach this threshold limit can opt for time-decay and position-based attribution as alternatives. Such attribution models are more viable for highly competitive B2B spaces where the initial leads are more emphasized.

YouTube Video Ads and Bumpers

It is true that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a five thousand. But video ads right now are not the ultimate option to drive the final conversions. The YouTube videos are indeed of great help in giving your brand the necessary awareness for all mid-funnel prospects in the most cost-effective way possible. When a standard video is played on YouTube, the video ads generally take the form of a pre-roll clip which the viewers can choose to skip. When the pre-roll ad is made to perform, and the viewer does not reach the 30 seconds mark, YouTube counts it as an impression and not a paid view. Under such circumstances, the impressions are free of cost and are not charged.

Branded Keyword Campaign

This is not the most obvious choice, but the branded keywords do play a crucial role in achieving mid-funnel prospects in B2B PPC campaigns. With the help of branded keyword campaign, one set of prospective customers start getting aware of your products or services. From comparing the prices to features with your competitors, your customers get to see everything with repeated brand searches with your name.

Remarketing and Retargeting Strategies – RLSA & GDA

As soon as the prospects enter the conversion funnel, you need to serve them with instant messaging and landing pages, which hold its relevance to the specific needs of the conversion journey. There are two ways of doing it – the Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) and Google Display Network (GDN). The RLSA help the mid-funnel prospects serve the varied messaging scope, and the targeted GDN gives a diverse but specifically targeted ad experience.

The entire B2B PPC campaign is a world in itself, and the tactics of winning in this world are different. Take a holistic view of conversion as the whole journey, and help craft the best campaign for final conversions and sales. Get in touch with Qvatic for assistance.

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