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5 Advantages Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant

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5 Advantages Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant

Advantages Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant

Investment dilemmas often prevent businesses from putting their money in new technologies. If you face the same indecision, first ask yourself why virtual assistant and what advantages do you expect it to provide you? To this, we can tell you about the many benefits that your business can reap by implementing this technology.

Besides repetitive or mundane tasks, VAs are programmed to handle complex technical, administrative, professional, or creative tasks. There are many other benefits of  hiring a VA, instead of in-house staff:

1. Save Time

Business owners spend a limited number of hours at work daily. So, they should ideally focus on the most productive tasks. Unfortunately, most of their time is taken up by countless emails and scheduling. In fact, a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that the unimportant activities consume nearly one-fifth of their productive time. Assigning these mundane tasks to a virtual assistant saves one full day in a week and enables you to focus on what matters. For example, you can use this period to generate more sales or network with industry bigwigs.

2. Create a Flexible Workplace

Unlike regular staff, the VA can be tasked with different jobs, even after business hours are over. Virtual assistants accommodate your busy schedule and keep on working until they complete a given project. This is great for businesses that experience slow periods or seasonal peaks. For example, a toy store might be extremely busy during the holidays and slower on rainy days. Having a virtual assistant frees you from hiring people when business picks up and firing them again once the workload reduces drastically. The best part of having a virtual assistance is you can call upon their services whenever you require them.

3. Reduce Operational Costs

A business that hires a virtual assistant can save on office expenses, extra ad budgets, and maintenance costs.  Also, you do not have to invest in workplace equipment, such as telephones or computers for employees. Plus, the cost of hiring a virtual assistant is a lot less compared to a normal employee because you do not have to pay taxes, employee benefits, or performance bonuses and incentives. Think of them as a useful contractor for your business.

4. Do Away With the Employee On-Boarding and Induction

Just because you hired a new employee, doesn’t mean their personality will mesh well with yours. Plus, there is always the possibility they won’t get along with other members of staff. Eliminate such unnecessary drama and increase productivity by hiring a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant won’t ever be tardy and will perform the assigned tasks without taking a break.

5. Ensure 24 X 7 Availability

In the modern business scenario, being available to clients only for a fixed nine to ten hours each day no longer works. You need to have 24 X 7 availability if you wish to broaden your market reach as well as your ability to connect with consumers. Do not make your customers wait to hear back from your business; they might be prompted to turn to a competitor. To avoid this and stay connected all the time, hire a virtual assistant.

Success in business brings growth, which in turn means expanding the workforce. However, hiring additional staff adds overhead and cuts into your revenue. Moreover, you might not even require full-time assistance. In that case, hiring a virtual assistant is your best bet. But how to go about it? Read our next article to get the answer.

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