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AI is Advancing Faster than We can Comprehend: What’s Next?

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AI is Advancing Faster than We can Comprehend: What’s Next?

Ai is Advancing Faster than We can Comprehend

As of now, the intelligent human beings have excelled in every sphere. But in the years to come, it is the intelligent machines that are predicted to give humans a run for their money. There have been several claims where artificial intelligence (AI) is labeled as the torchbearer of modern science, and the last resort for solving complicated problems which otherwise would not have been possible. Having recognized the progress to date, one cannot deny that AI is going to spread its wings in the years to come. Technology giants have already started investing their resources in AI and the rest of the world must capitalize on the capabilities that this new technology promises to unlock.

Every time a new technology enters the scene, there are certain inhibitions associated with it. The long-term impact of AI on humanity is yet to be explored, but just like new, winning technologies eventually carve out a niche for themselves, it is expected that AI, too, will materialize on its scopes in the coming years. Every organization soon will have a separate AI department as part of their system, and this urgency can already be felt. Here are the five areas that are likely to enjoy the benefits of AI, first.

Autonomous Transportation

Having an independent AI-guided transportation medium was a dream once seen, and finally, with a combined effort of Google, Uber and General Motors, this is turning out to be a reality. Several algorithms have been designed so that they can learn to take inputs from human beings and operate smoothly and efficiently.

Educating Next Generation With AI Support

Academics have always been at the core of progress with every single innovation having years of research work at its back. Today, the academic world is poised to utilize AI-powered systems that could learn the preferences of individuals, and help develop new tools for adaptation. The future is probably going to find not only intelligent but smart tutors delivering modulated and customized education at scale.

Policing And Enhanced Safety With Added AI

As the Federal Laws have made ways for AI to be integrated into the core governmental systems, this new computer technology is going to play a crucial role in the area of law enforcement. Not only crime-prone cities will have AI-based surveillance systems, but also the police departments will be likely to use the predictive policing software to forecast the occurrence of crimes and identify the victims.

AI Within Your Home

How about having an intelligent companion for assistance round the clock at home? AI  is going to make it happen in the next couple of decades. Thanks to the progress in the area of speech recognition, tomorrow’s machines will be better able to interact with humans. However, researches are going on to make the system commercially viable.

AI tends to simulate human intelligence processes. The debate is if this futuristic tech will one day replace humans and lead to a global job crisis. With the personalities like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk proclaiming that the technology might one day replace humans and their jobs, what does the future hold for the smartest animals on the Earth? Well, a machine will never be able to defeat or outsmart human grey cells and hyper-intelligence, emotions, and rationality that characterize them. Artificial intelligence is going to make our lives more convenient in future, but the human intelligence will remain indomitable as ever.

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