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Why You Still Require A Custom CMS In 2018?


Content management systems (CMS) enjoy tremendous popularity as they allow users to manage their webpage contents effectively with minimal HTML knowledge. However, despite the availability of hundreds of open-source CMS on the Internet, a custom CMS is still the preferred option for businesses worldwide. Why? Find out below: 1. Eliminate Pesky Updates Updates – a […]

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3 CMS Trends That Can Keep The Increasing Volume Of Content Under Control

CMS Trends

The engagement over the Internet is continuously increasing on both the  personal and professional level. And along with this, the volume and velocity of the content are exponentially growing. Able management has always been the underlying infrastructure for growth of any business. And it is essential to manage the growing volume of content as and […]

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3 Reasons to Skip CMS Development on Your Own


A content management system (CMS) can make or break your business. So, when the time comes to choose the right one, don’t take this decision lightly. Several marketers, writers, and designers, however, complain about the difficulties and limitations of CMS. Eventually, they decide to create a homemade CMS. The truth is, writing your own CMS […]

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