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Content Marketing Is Incomplete Without Google Analytics. Why?

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Content Marketing Is Incomplete Without Google Analytics. Why?

Google Analytics for Content Marketing

Data keeps playing the most significant role in all marketing campaigns. Companies who lay out strategies driven by data have a better understanding of their customers and hence can enhance customer engagement. As far as online marketing is concerned, the data is mostly used in SEO, PPC or social campaigns. But can we create data-driven content as well? Is your content going to be more impactful when you use a data-driven approach? Let’s find out.

Growing Importance of Google Analytics for Content Marketing

Google keeps collecting a considerable amount of data about your business and the customers who have visited your site. Once you sign up for Google Analytics, you get the opportunity to use this information and start working on the areas you need to improve.  Here are five ways you can use Google Analytics to make a solid content marketing strategy:

  • See how your content has been performing, and formulate a hypothesis based on it.
  • Ask questions that can support your hypothesis.
  • Start preparing a report that includes an analysis of the incoming traffic, how your visitors look like, what content engages them to your website.
  • Understand the areas of improvement based on the report.
  • Measure the results at every single step.

The Need for Regular Content Update

It is wrong if you expect to capitalize every visitor of your website. If the bounce rate keeps increasing, it is a clear sign that your content needs to be refreshed. Several SEO analysis and reports have shown that by restoring the existing content, search traffic to a particular website increases by 40 percent. The strategy is quite simple – renew, refresh, recycle and re-release the posts on the front page. As an alternative, you can create some videos; publish a few infographics to make your content more interactive. Adding relevance to your content is your motive, and you must do everything to complement.

The main idea behind content marketing is to serve the audience. Google wants every website to give value to their daily visitors. The more you value them, the better your site ranks in the SERP. To serve your visitors better, you need to know the keyword they search for. The more your content matches the keyword; better it is for use.

The best content you create is both creative and data-driven. If you cannot manage your content marketing strategy well, allow our experts to help you with Google Analytics and optimize your content for high impact results.

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