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Get More Done With New Time-Saving Features In The Latest Windows 10 Update

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Get More Done With New Time-Saving Features In The Latest Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 update

Windows 10 is the Operating System that keeps on giving, and with the newest April 2018 update, Microsoft is all set to tackle one of the most criticized aspects of its software – time management. The tech giant has received a lot of flak in the past for random pop-ups, unscheduled updates, and constant notifications – all of which decrease the productivity of the users. But the developers seem to have learned from their mistakes, and the Windows 10 update being launched on May 8 seems to be a course correction of sorts. How? Well, a handful of new features will be cropping up in the newest patch with a common goal in mind – to help users do more in minimal time. Check out some of the most interesting, time-saving additions below:

1. Timeline

Quickly jump back in time and access media and files you worked on previously. It could be an email you began writing earlier in the day or a downloaded music file you wanted to find from up to 30 days before – the main goal of Timelines is to help you find what you’re looking for instantly. Accessing the default Timeline view presents clickable snapshots of your most important activities, while the scroll bar on the right can be used to visit earlier activities. What’s more, the new update allows you to pick up where you left off working in Office 365 or Microsoft Edge on your handheld Android or iOS device. If all this sounds too complicated, feel free to type in the associated keywords in the top right-hand corner to locate the files or functions you want.

2. Focus Assist

True to its name, Focus Assist lets you block sounds, alerts, and notifications to achieve an environment devoid of distractions. Now, no more interruptions while you’re pulling an all-nighter or finishing up an important project. Focus Assist can be toggled on and off manually, or you can set some automatic rules, so that the program turns itself on and off during certain times of the day. However, keep in mind that Focus Assist turns on automatically while you’re playing a full-screen game or duplicating your display, which means you must tweak the settings if you desire otherwise. Also, notifications may be prioritized, so certain apps and people still get through even when Focus Assist is on. And, if you’re worried about missing out on vital alerts, know that you receive a summary of all notifications as soon as Focus Assist is switched off.

3. Nearby Sharing

Perhaps one of the biggest complaints of Windows users is how long it takes to share files. But Microsoft is attempting to change this prevalent perception with Nearby Sharing. This nifty feature enables you to share files, such as photos, documents, video, and websites, with other Windows 10 devices nearby, using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Thus, systems can now swap files without spending an eternity in waiting. The shared files you receive can be found in the Downloads folder, but the destination may be changed. Recipients of files are sent prompts in the Action Center to accept or decline.

4. Dictation

A feature that’s been on the wishlist of many users finally makes its appearance in the newest update. Your voice can now be used to write a paper or jot down a note. Plus, opening menus, starting programs, clicking buttons, and other tasks are also becoming voice-controlled. Imagine the kind of time you can save by speaking into your headset rather than having to type it all out. Select the microphone you wish to use, and you’re all set! ‘Cortana’, the personal digital assistant for Windows 10, also supports voice functions, which means you hardly spend any time dictating emails, setting reminders, asking queries, or opening apps.

5. Improved Microsoft Edge

The default browser for Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, also gets a few welcome additions. For starters, there’s the full-screen reading mode that makes reading easier on two-in-one laptops or convertibles. Moreover, free downloads of .epub books can now be saved on your system and bookmarks can be added. You can manage all this via Microsoft Edge. What is more? Tshe books bought from the Microsoft Store can be synced and made available on the Android (under development) and iOS versions of Microsoft Edge.

But the biggest feature of them all is Mute-a-Tab that lets you click the ‘Sound’ icon and mute a specific tab playing audio when numerous tabs are open at once. The ‘Autofill’ feature is also more powerful than ever and cuts back on time needed to fill out forms.

The latest patch for Windows 10 is all set to revolutionize the OS and turn it into a swift, efficient platform – one that wastes very little time completing tasks and finding what you’re looking for. So, it’s high time you learn what opportunities this creates for your organization. To ensure that your systems are ready to harness the full power of the Windows 10 update, contact us here.

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