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How Can Pinterest Be Your Marketing Trump Card?

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How Can Pinterest Be Your Marketing Trump Card?


Are Facebook and Twitter the only social media platforms you’ve have been using so far? Pinterest is waving at your business then. When it comes to using social media to drive traffic to your website, Pinterest is one of the best networks. Expand the online reach with some smart strategies on Pinterest.

How is Pinterest Better than Facebook and Twitter?

When you Tweet, you have a targeted audience whom you want to reach, and the only way to spread your Tweet is re-tweeting. On the contrary, your one pin on Pinterest is 100 times more spreadable than a Tweet. And when you re-tweet the average rate of hitting is 1.4%, which is way lower than the reachability of one Pin.

Also considering a Facebook post, the half lifespan of a single Pin is 1600X longer than any Facebook post ever made.

Pinterest USP

Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest has got an entirely different set of terms of service for the business accounts. Here are a few guidelines for using Pinterest on commercial grounds.

  • Do not venture to promote spams
  • Do not run promotions too often
  • Never intend to serve Pinterest as your brand endorser.

Pinterest Marketing Steps for an Improved Search Result

  • Use Google AdWords to find the popular keywords which are related to business.
  • Add the keyword to the Pin titles.
  • Also keywords should be placed in the Pin descriptions.
  • Follow and engage with popular boards. Comment on them, and get your brand name seen.

Images Posting Best Practices for Pinterest?

Images have always been the cornerstone of each, and every Pin shared. Follow these best practices to make your Pins popular.

  • Optimal resolution of the images should be 763*1102
  • As the lighter images are re-pinned 20 times more than the darker ones, make sure you go for the lighter ones.
  • Pin images which have no face, since no face images are re-pinned 23% more.
  • The best time to post on Pinterest is 2 PM – 4 PM EST and 8 PM – 1 AM EST

According to some local statistical reports, advertisers on Pinterest get an average of 20 percent growth in organic clicks the following month. Use it wisely and find the boost that your business has been expecting long. If you have no idea, how to take the social route to marketing success, get in touch with us now. At Qvatic, we can help you develop a multi-platform social media strategy that will help strengthen your brand voice.

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