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How Does Outsourcing Your Mobile App Development Process Improve Business Focus?

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How Does Outsourcing Your Mobile App Development Process Improve Business Focus?

Given how the use of mobile devices trump desktops (51.7 versus 43.59 percent according to StatCounterGlobalStats), the ‘mobile-first’ trend adopted by various companies makes sense. However, many businesses are still confused whether to hire an in-house development team for building apps from scratch or outsource the job tospecialized service providers. An in-house app development team might sound more logical in a few specific cases when you are already in a relevant business. For all other instances, you will gain numerous advantages when you opt for the outsourcing model. Following are a few reasons why you should consider outsourcing your mobile app development process:

Short-term Commitment for the Same Great Quality

Hiring an in-house expert means paying a full-time salary and added benefits. However, if you are not already into the app making business, that might not be the best decision from a business perspective. Your requirements may change, and you may not have the need to build another app ever again. Outsourcing the job means hiring an expert’s service on a project basis. You will just have to pay the project fees and don’t have to bother about anything else. Did you know that Statistic Brain, a market research company, reports that 34 percentage of enterprises use outsourcing to access IT resources that are unavailable internally?

Freedom From Purchasing Expensive Tools and Licenses

Using the right kind of tools and purchasing the required licenses are necessary prerequisites for any software development. Creating a mobile app is no exception. However, if you are planning to build a single app for your business, is investing so much in buying these ‘equipment’ a good idea? We don’t think so. Outsourcing the job means getting access to a hassle-free process where the service provider takes care of everything related to development.

Meeting Deadlines Even When Your In-house Team is Overworked

Businesses that already have an in-house development team in place often question the need to outsource a project, and their logic is quite legit. However, if you can identify with this situation you might want to ask a few questions— a) can the team meet the app development deadline given their present work pressureand b) app development needs specialized skills; does your development team have that knowledge? According to Statistic Brain once again, 31 percentage of businesses resort to the outsourcing model to free up their internal resources.

Outsourcing is also an excellent idea for start-ups that already have alot of things to take care of and either lack the expertise or the fund to create a flawless product. If you are interested in experiencing all the benefits of the outsourcing model for yourself, get in touch with us now.

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