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How Does PPC Advertising Boost Business Growth?

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How Does PPC Advertising Boost Business Growth?

How Does PPC Advertising Boost Business Growth?

In 2010, The Perfume Shop – the second largest retailer of branded fragrances – hired marketing agency Net Media Planet to improve brand awareness and visibility via PPC and increase sales of specific branded fragrances. Using their in-house Mercury platform, the media house pushed celebrity perfume ads onto celebrity YouTube videos, bringing the relevancy of paid search to display advertising.  They targeted videos of celebs with their own fragrance lines, including Beyoncé and Sarah Jessica Parker. The outcome? Over 9 million views and a 236 percent ROI gain from the campaign.

Now, your business might not necessarily experience the same degree of success with PPC advertising. But it is nevertheless a great way to generate leads and generate long-term brand awareness. And who knows? If you play your cards right, you stand to benefit in the following ways:

1. Determine the Viability of Your Products and Services

Quick and efficient, a well-targeted PPC campaign helps you determine whether your services and products appeal to consumers. The comprehensive reports you get from Google AdWords and other platforms indicate the changes or improvements required.  And if that’s not enough, it is easy to run tests that evaluate the effectiveness of the whole website or specific landing pages. Without consulting PPC reports, businesses have a hard time figuring out what works and what doesn’t. For your investment to pay rich dividends, a well-defined PPC strategy is a must.

2. Enjoy Consistent Traffic Quickly

PPC is your weapon of choice if you’re interested in running ad campaigns that produce immediate traffic. Setting up a PPC campaign takes around half an hour, which means an advertiser can get his/her ads on the first SERP pages within an hour of setting up and launching the campaign. This provides a huge advantage to new sites seeking visibility and exposure. Plus, it enables you to generate pertinent conversations in a matter of weeks.

Getting instant traffic is not always important; it should also be consistent. It’s never a good sign if your site traffic trickles down to a minimum. At the same time, a large, frequent burst of traffic can do more harm than good. PPC lets you control the flow of traffic as the site traffic depends on the advertiser and how much he/she is ready to shell out for a click.

3. Efficient Cost Management

When managed carefully, PPC advertising provides businesses with a greater ROI compared to other marketing techniques, like SEO. The highlight of PPC is that everything is measurable via precise reporting tools and conversion metrics. Once your campaigns prove profitable, you can increase the keywords budget accordingly to earn a profit.

A strong PPC campaign can benefit your business considerably by capturing potential consumers at the right moment. When you familiarize yourself with the idea of maintaining and optimizing your frequent PPC campaigns, your site gains qualified and conversion-oriented traffic. And considering how PPC visitors have a 50 percent higher chance of purchasing something compared to organic visitors, this is an amazing way to sell your products and grow your company. If you need professional help with devising the perfect PPC campaign, click here.

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