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How Instagram Gives Inst(A)ttention in Boosting Your Business?

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How Instagram Gives Inst(A)ttention in Boosting Your Business?


Instagram is the new kid in the social marketing block. Insta stories can go a long way to help you reach out to your targeted audience. The third installment of our short social media series discusses how you can make the best use of this platform and allow your brand enjoy the popularity.

Since Facebook had taken over Instagram in 2012, the growth has exploded to a different level. With more than 800 million monthly users, there can be no doubt about the craze that Instagram has set. Instagram finds more than 60 million photos posted every single day and 1.6 billion likes. These are huge numbers, and you cannot ignore them under any circumstances while planning for social media marketing campaigns.

Having more than 300 million daily users to boast, Instagram shows its potential to the marketers who want to use it. However, the real potential of Instagram lies more in users and their behavior while using it.

How to Find the Formula for Instagram Success?

Apparently, the success in Instagram marketing depends more on the high-quality images that get posted. But the following elements must be present as well:

  • Clear vision and strategy
  • Clear visual style
  • Consistent frequency
  • Familiarity with the audience

Is Marketing on Instagram Similar to Facebook’s?

The business profiles that are made on Instagram are conceptually similar to that of Facebook business profiles. Like Facebook, there are several free tools which marketers can use to find out the statistics of a brand’s engagement and their impression. This is how your report will look.



Is There Any Content Strategy For Instagram?

Content has always been at the heart of any marketing strategy, Instagram is no exception. The reason why 300 millions of people log in to the app daily is 95 million photos and videos posted every single day. So with this humongous amount of daily activity, a content strategy should be at its core.

And, this is exactly where you ask, ‘What should we post on Instagram?’

While some brands focus on the products, the others keep their community in the target.

Comparing the following images will help you understand the target audience.

Trans form



While the first Instagram post targets the audience who are interested in yoga, the second post from Nike holds their products at the core of their content strategies.

Answering the Three W’s- When, What and How?

While speaking of consistency on social media, there’s a lot discussed. Consistency and publishing frequency helps the audience adhere a tendency what to expect from the marketers and when. Your focus should be on maximizing the engagement and updates at a constant stretch is the only way out.

Here are the answers to the three W’s.

  • Mondays and Thursdays have proved to garner maximum engagement for Instagram Posts.
  • Engagement is found maximum during 8 to 9 AM Eastern.
  • Create a content calendar according to your planned posts. There’s no direct scheduling option, so it is mandatory to maintain a personal calendar and keep up with the posts.

As far as image sharing is concerned, Instagram has continuously been proving its growth as a social media platform. You can even get billions of likes. Start a campaign, do your part and scoop few millions of likes that are handed out every single day. We can show you how. Get in touch with us here.

Also, stay tuned for more social media tips.

Clue: The next will be focused on Pinterest.

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