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Is The Length Of An Article A Serious Concern For Content Marketing?

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Is The Length Of An Article A Serious Concern For Content Marketing?

Is The Length Of An Article A Serious Concern For Content Marketing

What should be the ideal length of a blog post that aspires to be attention-grabbing and share-worthy?  The answer is not simple to find as word count is just one of the many aspects of the content creation process.There are quite a few variables which a writer should consider while deciding the best length for a blog post. However, the two most common concerns are:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • How complex is the subject matter?

As 21st-century lifestyle has paced up, readers’ attention spans have diminished considerably. In this context, shorter contents are deemed more effective than the longer ones. Not only are they more comfortable to read, but also the readers do not need to stare at the computer screens for an extended stretch. But are the shorter blog posts better for higher search engine ranking?

Interestingly, no. Based on its user experience analysis, Google has derived a long list of factors, which the search engine giant claims,   allow the articles to qualify for the ranking parameters and come higher in the search results. Here are a few stats that justify Google’s view:

How Important is Article Length When it Comes to SEO?

Google while featuring a particular article looks for substance, evidence, and authority all of which are typically better accommodated in longer contents. And, this is the reason why longer contents give better results in organic search.

word count

On an average, the length of the content should be around 1800 words if it has to find Page one ranking. This is much more than a 200-500 word blog post that webmasters ideally think should be the length of an article.

What Should You Focus on – Quality Over Quantity, or, Quantity Over Quality?

As writers start emphasizing the length of the article, they miss out on the fact that a 2500 words blog which is full of fat and fluff is of no use and it loses its character and essence making it a bad example of SEO content. It is true that reports published by SEMRush have ranked long page contents higher than the shorter ones, but going by the length alone will fail to yield any result. To attract search engines, an article should contain substantial research work and authoritative content. Therefore, as a writer, instead of pondering on the same element, talk about the elements, and justify your statement at every single step.

What Should be Your Standard Parameters While Writing A Content?

Setting the goal is essential to make your web content qualified as a good one. Study your target audience, since you need to feed them according to their intake capability. Connect the goals of your business with the content, and also with the goals of the users who are looking forward to a similar service. When a user searches for your content, and after going through it, finds what he has been looking for, your efforts as a writer are justified.

When creating contents for your website, think like a content strategist and focus on putting the best information in the most appropriate format, and on the right platform. The change should be not only in style, but also in the approach to let your content succeed in all spheres. And if you want to revamp your content strategy, get in touch with us. Our content team can help you enhance your brand presence on the web.

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