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CRM Software

Our CRM solutions give you the insight you need to operate your business.

Choose our CRM products to close more deals in less time. Qvatic’s CRM applications come with end-to-end processes to manage the complete journey of your customers, right from lead generation to sales.

Product benefit

Benefits of our CRM software

  • Line up marketing, sales, and service on one platform

    All our CRM products help you seamlessly manage the complete customer journey. Get advanced tools to line up all marketing, sales, and service stages.

  • Create record sales effortlessly

    A smart sales process is the key to increased sales. With automation of daily tasks, process automation, improved workflows, and advanced reporting, you can generate more sales in less time.

  • Improve team performance

    Leverage the power of analytics and reports to get useful insights into your team’s performance and consumer lifecycle.

  • Build smart business processes

    Qvatic’s CRM products help you build agile business processes with no or little involvement of your IT staff. Improve processes to keep up with your business activities.

  • Reduce the time and effort to close deals

    Right from customer contact to closing a deal, our CRM solutions help you reduce the time and effort to pass prospects through the pipeline with the best sales tools.

CRM modules

Qvatic’s CRM modules are designed to improve marketing, sales, and customer service potential.

Managing leads, contacts, partners, sales, and businesses have never been easier.

  • Campaign Management

    Our CRM campaign management module helps you manage your marketing campaigns right from the application stage to monitoring its success. Create multiple campaigns for different sections of your audience. Manage your email campaigns, AdWords, or any other traditional advertising methods. Whether you want to automate messages, set up automated drip campaigns, monitor the activities of your prospects, track leads and opportunities, or observe customer behavior, you get everything with our CRM marketing and campaign management module.

  • Contacts Management

    Get an all-encompassing view of your customers including their contact details, activity history, and communications. Engage your web visitors via live chat, respond to social responses, shoot emails, call your prospective customers, and deal with all customer communication effortlessly from the CRM. Gain deeper insights from your customers’ social connections to know what they have to say about your product or service offerings. With information pulled from contacts and accounts, it helps you prepare for a sales meeting with confidence.

  • Dashboard and Reporting

    Keep track of your marketing campaigns, sales, team performance, and customer support metrics with our dashboard and reporting tools. Make the most of our real-time reporting to change data into actionable insights. Develop new customer relationships and manage the existing ones in a better way. See real-time data and sales performance dashboards so that you can decide and analyze to improve your business. Keep track of the sales pipeline and performance, account progress, and closed and anticipated earnings. Take decisions based on the performance of your teams, sales, and representatives. The dashboards and reports will show you the customer profiles by topography, industry, product preference, organization size, revenue, and other essential aspects. Track how their preferences are changing over time.

  • Document Management

    No more toggling between tabs when you use our CRM document management system. Process, view, and manage all documents and communications seamlessly on one platform. Create, modify, and access all your important files from this module. Start the document approval process and create an automated workflow for quick approvals without additional cost or training. Retrieve your documents with a few clicks from the CRM itself. With stored contact details, you can share all documents right away with your clients and colleagues.

  • Invoice Management

    Qvatic’s invoice management module ensures that you’re not overwhelmed by a constant flow of incoming invoices. By organizing all relevant data within this system, you can seamlessly create a comprehensive bill with appropriate quotes. Send the invoices to your customers and reach out to them before your competitor does. You can also set reminders for bills receivable and due dates.

  • Lead Management

    Our CRM lead management system collates and organizes inquiries from numerous channels to a dashboard. Merge and simplify lead sources such as calls, emails, channel partners, web forms, and marketing campaigns into one dashboard. Qvatic’s lead management module helps you to monitor and capture leads, choose the qualified ones, and assign them to specific agents or teams. A user-friendly dashboard interface will help you recognize the most useful channels and evaluate data to improve the conversion rates.

  • Email Management

    Qvatic’s email management system gives you access to all your email communications with your customers directly from the CRM. View all your sales interactions from one place, doing away with the need to toggle between different applications. The CRM will sort out all your customer emails and associate them with your contacts together with the attachments. With email tracking tools, you know which customer has opened your email, how frequently, and when. Send and receive bulk emails to a broad audience in no time, right from our email management module. With real-time notifications, you no longer need to spend time searching your inbox and can focus on your sales goals instead.

  • Product Management

    With our CRM product management software, managing information about vendors has never been easier. This module makes product display and sales simpler. Our system categorizes your products according to type, price, popularity, and collects orders and streamlines the sales process from a single platform. View and edit product name, description, and price. Whether it is tracking product delivery or assigning and approving orders, you can do it all on one platform.

  • Project Management

    You need the perfect integration of your marketing and sales activities for improved project management. With our project management module, you can send messages consistently, prevent data breaches, and ensure both your marketing and sales departments are in accord with the timelines and tasks. There is no need for your team to work individually when managing projects. The module integrates several features to verify and monitor your project status. You can sort tasks according to due date, priority, and status.

  • Quote Management

    Our quote management system makes the sales proposal method a lot easier with its user-friendly interface and quotation-creation feature. You can generate quotes from contacts, prospects, or opportunities. Generate multiple quotes and access them directly from the CRM software. Once you integrate the quotes, email them to your prospects or customers in PDF/word format or just save them in an electronic form.

  • Sales and Order Management

    Qvatic’s sales and order management module let you manage your sales activities from a single platform. Be it fulfilling sales orders, quotes, creating shipments, monitoring prices, checking the inventory, or applying discounts, you can centrally manage all these activities from our CRM sales order management module. Take your ordering, fulfillment, and order delivery to the next level.

  • Organization Management

    With our organizational management system, you can map your organization’s structure in the CRM module. Use it to manage employee assignments and positions depending on your enterprise structure.

  • Service Management

    Our service management module helps you monitor and manage the customer service activities in your enterprise. With stored FAQs, troubleshooting tips, and instructions, you can provide incident-based services to your customers. Your customer service reps will have a complete view of previous incidents and support histories to help your team build healthy business relationships with your customers.

  • Shared Calendar

    The calendar module helps you keep track of meetings, calls, tasks, and actions. Our shared calendar feature makes collaborating on activities and managing a history of previous activities easier super-easy task. You can also link activities to particular records in the CRM software, including contacts, organization, and leads and opportunities. Deal with multiple resources with the help of an integrated calendar functionality to help you manage user work-hours as well as account for the changes in schedules or holidays.

  • Social Network Integration

    Keep track of your social media feeds, monitor your prospect’s social activities, and engage with leads directly from our social integration module. Post updates, answer questions, keep followers informed, address problems, generate leads, and boost conversion with Qvatic’s social integration module.

  • Support Ticket System

    It helps you to collate and organize customer inquiries, requests, problems, complaints, and issues related to your products or service offerings. Sort, prioritize, and solve consumer concerns directly from your inbox. Resolve all problems quickly with the best-integrated features and make the most of the automation workflows to set priorities for tickets and assign them to customer support representatives.

  • Tasks and Notifications

    Our task and notifications module ensures that all users are assigned jobs as well as reminded of the deadlines. When it comes to building business relationships with your clients, every second matters. Qvatic’s CRM software keeps you informed about future or overdue tasks. Assigning tasks manually is outdated. With this module, you can create tasks automatically, improving productivity and efficiency.

  • Vendor Management

    Create and manage vendor information effortlessly with this module. Get comprehensive views of all vendor details including contact numbers and business addresses. You can also access information such as purchase orders for shipments, products supplied or to be supplied, and other activities associated with vendors. Vendor information is stored separately and not with other contacts or organization lists.

Leverage Our Process-Driven CRM for Marketing and Support

Qvatic’s CRM software is an end-to-end customer engagement tool with all the marketing, sales, support, and service modules your business needs to connect with your target audience across all digital touchpoints. Unlike other applications, our product is an all-encompassing customer engagement tool. With multi-channel engagement, deliver an engaging and contextual consumer experience across all digital channels including phone, website, live chat, social media, support ticketing, and surveys. Give your teams a 360-view of your audience to ensure a pleasing, consistent, and flawless experience throughout the customer journey. Collate, evaluate, and use your customer data in real time for the desired results.

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How your System will look like?

This is how your CRM will look like. A custom screen is essential to meet your specific business requirements.

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See notifications for incoming and outgoing calls, click to call from CRM records, log calls, hear call recordings, send SMS

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