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Document Management System

Enhance visibility, drive improvement, and reduce cost with our document management system (DMS). Boost team efficiency by storing, sorting, and managing your important files.

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Our DMS Solution

Qvatic’s DMS helps to drive the lifecycle management of organizational documents. Creation, controlling, capturing, archiving, and distributing content has never been easier. Our DMS solution provides a unified and scalable repository for storing all your crucial business documents safely. Get access to the right files quickly and make the most of content for effective results.

Our application will help you deliver precise, actionable, and contextual content for enhanced collaboration, improved customer satisfaction, and smart decision-making.

Product benefit

Benefits of Our Document Management System

  • Organize and manage all documents in one place

    Organize and work on files related to a specific project. All documents are centrally located and arranged to ensure that all team members are informed. No more searching through your inbox for documents, version confusion, or e-mailing important files to yourself when you have a DMS solution in place. Get quick access to the latest document versions to view the recent changes.

  • Find documents easily

    The document search tools will let your locate your project files with ease. The use of words in the title make search super-easy. Instantly view the results based on your search.

  • Monitor file versions

    Enjoy automation of document processes like search, access control, revision tracking, and retrieval. This way, your team members work with the exact and latest file version without any confusion.

  • Share documents from anywhere, anytime

    Share all your documents from a central repository. It helps you associate files with specific tasks and sort them out in hierarchical folders that represent the workflow and organizational structure.

Make your documents secure

Get more control over your confidential and sensitive business documents with our DMS application. Control access to files at the folder level for different individuals or groups. A DMS system leaves an audit trail and is highly traceable. Find out who viewed a file, when it was accessed, and how many times it was edited.

When documents are not stored in a central place, it leads to mismanagement of files, poor organization, and low productivity. With our DMS solution, control your entire document cycle right from creation and storage to retention.

  • Smart document indexing

    Once your documents are saved to a DMS system, it is stored and indexed in a central location. It will save a lot of your team’s productive time and do away with the possibilities of incorrect filing. A superlative DMS solution extracts and indexes information from your recently scanned documents.

  • Streamlined communication

    Effective collaboration is essential for the use, control, and understanding of business documents. Our DMS solution attends to such requirements by improving your ability to communicate with your business partners and employees. With our DMS system, you can post feedback and comments and discuss.

  • Easy file management

    Make your file management effortless with our DMS system. A user-friendly interface lets you upload, share, edit, and delete all your documents easily. Our document control system is automated and makes the routing, evaluation, and authorization process simple.

  • Document processing

    Convert your handwritten and typed text on physical and electronic documents into electronic information through optical character or intelligent character recognition. Our quality DMS solution helps you to create documents through templates, associate documents to a CRM application, link them to records in a system, modify documents, email documents, move, forward and distribute files, and includes document editors for many document types.

  • Compliance

    With a DMS system, you can set up deletion controls that are essential in detecting and preventing unauthorized deletion of documents, which is necessary for compliance. While configuring the rights for accessing specific documents, you gain control who deletes a file.

  • Automated reporting

    A DMS system supports automated reporting and helps you get a 360-degree view of the recently created files. Get instant alerts if there are any issues with any of the documents stored in the system.

  • User-friendly dashboard

    Our user-friendly DMS interface makes navigation easy. A quality DMS system includes the document inbox, workflow inbox, reporting dashboard, alerts and notifications, email, calendar, and chats. Our DMS system helps you monitor all your files with detailed reporting on document performance and statistics. See who is accessing the files. Control user permissions to ensure that unauthorized users do not have the rights to use or edit documents.

How your System will look like?

This is how your Document Management will look like. A custom screen is essential to meet your specific business requirements.

Recommended Add-on

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Google Drive

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