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HR Management System

Simplify and automate your core HR functions with our custom, user-friendly application. Save time on manual tasks and create a better workplace.

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Our HR Management Solution

Designed and developed from scratch, our HR management system (HRMS) helps you meet all your human capital requirements under one single platform. Manage your HR operations effortlessly and access your employee contact information, documents, leave details, and appraisal system from anywhere, anytime.

Our HRMS designed for small and medium-scale businesses centralizes all information in one place – the perfect solution to manage your workforce.

Product benefit

Benefits of Our HR Management System

  • Remove errors with automation

    Monitor staff attendance effortlessly. Get rid of erroneous entries with automated data entry. Consolidate employee data from multiple devices seamlessly.

  • Manage HR functions from a centralized place

    Control all administrative work from a central location. Perform employee search, evaluate performance reports, view organizational structure, and manage core HR functions from anywhere, anytime, on when you are on the go.

  • Keep employee data safe

    Our HRM system ensures confidentiality of employee and enterprise data. Secure transmission and appropriate encryption keep all your workforce information safe.

  • Use self-service features

    With self-service features, your employees can update their login and logout times, personal information, experience, and skill sets, thus saving a lot of your time. Seniors can view all details of team members with complete control over leave management and approvals.

Use advanced HR analytics and reporting

Reporting has never been easier on your employee lifecycle right from recruitment to retirement. With end-to-end reporting capabilities integrated into the HRM system, it is easier to understand, envision, and make informed decisions on HR data and analytics in real time.

Use our HRM system to maintain employee databases, payroll, attendance reports, administration, performance analysis, recruitment management, absenteeism, benefits records, and more.

  • Leave management

    Qvatic’s HRM application helps your employee apply for leave online, check leave balances, and view all leave-related information from a single platform. Self-service and automated leave requests save time for senior HR professionals. With automated software, you can now do away with approving leaves and scheduling employee time-offs manually.

  • Attendance Management

    Keep track of your employee attendance and time at work efficiently. Use this module to monitor staff log time for easy attendance tracking. Monitor staff in-and-out time, total working hours, and break timings with ease. Seniors can monitor employee attendance in real time no matter where they are.

  • Manage employee data

    With our data management module, take full visibility and control of your employee lifecycle. Use our advanced tools to make informed decisions and decide the best career options for your staff. Performance management is one of the primary factors to consider when choosing a data management platform. Analyze data to determine employee performance through training and evaluation. Our HRM system helps you do that.

  • Automate workflows

    Go paperless and automate workflows to execute daily HR activities such as multi-level approvals, email notifications, checklists, and schedule reminders for events, staff birthdays, work anniversaries, and more. You can also set alerts for completion of probation period or shift in another department or position.

  • Simplify performance appraisals

    Identify employee strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, skill sets, and their scope for improvement. Collate feedback, set goals, and analyze their skills to narrow the gap between current and future performance.

  • Generate accurate reports

    Collect all crucial information about your employees, attendance, payroll, leaves, attrition rate, and performance with analytical graphs, charts, and tools. Create accurate reports for specific periods. Our HRM system will seamlessly merge into your enterprise to restructure your core HR processes and functions. Track every employee detail on a single platform and automate multiple tasks, eliminating manual jobs and sending numerous emails.

How your System will look like?

This is how your HR Management will look like. A custom screen is essential to meet your specific business requirements.

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