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Inventory Management System

Track every unit of your stock, manage orders, and boost sales with our inventory management system.

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Our Inventory Management Solution

Qvatic’s inventory control system allows small to medium businesses to manage their orders, stock, and merchandise from a single platform. Whether you are a brand owner, distributor, or own an e-commerce business, the right inventory management system is necessary for the successful operation of your e-commerce or wholesale distribution business.

Take orders, improve sales, and work smart.

Product benefit

Benefits of Inventory Management System

  • Simplify the process

    Automated inventory management shows your current stock and automatically allots inbound orders that need to be procured or backordered.

  • Save countless hours of work

    An advanced stock control and order fulfillment system will save a lot of your time spent on data entry, organization, and completion. Change leads to orders, orders to deliveries, and deliveries to returns in no time.

  • Enjoy stock visibility in real time

    Get a detailed real-time view of your stock levels and usage. Qvatic’s inventory monitoring solution helps you to track and control your inventory in a better way. Restock items at the proper time and reduce transportation costs by minimizing obsolete or surplus stock.

  • Reduce IT costs

    Do away with IT costs and any other problems related to upgrading and maintenance of separate applications for inventory management.

Reduce overall expenses

With complete visibility into your inventory system, your staff can do away with overbuying and additional stock buildup when purchasing. This way, you will have fewer repurchases and minimum overall spend.

Our inventory control system will let you maintain up-to-date stock levels and replenish fresh items when running low on inventory that helps you close sales fast.

  • Purchase orders

    Generate, modify, and email your purchase orders. Update stock levels automatically without compromising on data accuracy. Get all supplier information in no time when generating purchase orders as compared to manual input and pulling out data from multiple spreadsheets. Create reorder reports to know when you must order more items.

  • Stock optimization

    Our inventory control system lets you have the right amount of supply at the exact time. With automatic stock optimization and demand forecasting, streamlining your internal operations becomes a lot easier. Get the exact forecast based on real data.

  • Inventory management

    With our stock management solution, manage multiple inventory locations from one platform. Our application makes receiving and fulfilling orders through specific locations and transferring items between warehouses an easy process.

  • Pre-ordering

    Simplify your inventory operations by preordering items in advance and fulfilling orders on time. Combine sales orders to ensure visibility of unsuccessful orders. Backordering lets you consolidate all sales orders for an out-of-stock product. Convert one unavailable item to a single purchase order for each supplier. It is applicable when goods are out of stock.

  • Customer relationship management

    With consumer and supplier data in a single location and automatic recording of orders and purchase histories, it is easy to understand consumer behavior. It will help you offer a more personalized customer experience.

  • Order management

    Improve business efficiency right from the creation of order to its fulfillment by synchronizing your orders with stock. Whether it is bringing your orders into line or accessing sales reports, you can do it in real time.

  • Order fulfillment

    Automate and manage your order fulfillment in larger volume. Integrate your locations, processes, and channels for increased visibility.

  • Inventory reports

    Get access to stock reports to ensure that you have real-time insights into inventory movement. Run inventory stock-on-hand and stock re-order reports. Monitor the cost of goods sold and avoid under or overselling.

  • Sales reports

    Create and access accurate sales reports that help you make informed business decisions in real time. Generate order and sales history reports based on product, customer, location, and channel.

    Qvatic’s inventory management system provides you with real-time visibility into your stock availability. Order on time while stock lasts, and minimize wasteful or redundant spending. Get this solution and take your inventory management to the next level.

How your System will look like?

This is how your Inventory Management will look like. A custom screen is essential to meet your specific business requirements.

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