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Project Management System

Plan, implement and collaborate using project management system

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Project Management Software

Qvatic’s support ticket system helps you to monitor, prioritize, and resolve customer issues fast and effectively.

A project management system (PMS) comes with robust project planning, scheduling, and collaboration features for managing teams efficiently. Our software will help you plan your mission-critical projects on an interactive Gantt chart. Plan your projects, monitor progress, and collaborate online. All you need to do is add comments and attach files to work with teams. Deliver your projects within deadlines and budget.

Product benefit

Benefits of Our Project Management System

  • Manage your project costs

    Cost control is one of the significant benefits of a PMS. Determine the working budget, actual and planned, to align all tasks and responsibilities accordingly.

  • Collaborate in real time

    Get all the communication tools to help your team discuss, interact, and address issues in real time. Your team stays updated and can quickly deal with the problems as and when they arise. Collaborate by sharing documents and discussing which tasks are complete and which are pending.

  • Allow transparency and communication

    When you are working with projects that call for a lot of documentation, our document sharing tools allow users to add, modify, and update status reports, allowing for maximum transparency and communication.

  • Use flexible reporting

    With a PMS, you can quickly access all necessary data and use the flexible reporting formats that help you to keep all tasks on schedule.

Manage risks

With a PMS, you can forecast, learn about project risks, and monitor budgets. By predicting and analyzing the risks, you can develop plans, policies, and strategies to reduce any adverse impact on your business.

Project management tools help you to manage the tasks between your marketing and sales teams. You get a streamlined system with multiple options to check and monitor your project status.

  • Collaboration software

    With this application software, your clients, consultants, employees, and vendors can work in collaboration using a set of tools and make informed decisions. Make the most of the interactive message boards and initiate conversations. Your staff can participate in a discussion and add threads in distinctive folders for all to access.

  • Document management

    Whether it is spreadsheets, documents, graphics, reports, presentations, or video clips, you can share them and work on them collectively. You will also find a version control system to ensure that you have access to the latest copy. All files are organized and centrally located for easy access.

  • Dropbox integration

    Integrate Dropbox into our PMS to create a shared workspace. Your teams can access, modify, view, and upload work files right away and share them with anyone, anytime. This way, your team will be on the same page.

  • Gantt charts

    All project details such as task lists, milestones, and percentage of work completed or incomplete are easily distinguished. All aspects including dependencies are marked with specific color codes so that nothing remains unnoticed. Even the columns corresponding to weekends and holidays are clearly marked to ensure that you never miss a thing.

  • Google apps

    Get a super-integrated experience for Google apps. Enjoy single sign-on integration with Gmail, Google Drive, and Google calendar.

  • Issue tracker

    Submit, monitor, and fix issues with Issue Tracker. Get rid of bugs that software projects usually generate. Delineate business regulations and custom workflows. Mobile apps: Manage all your projects with native and hybrid apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad anywhere, anytime. Plan your project, allocate work, manage log time, resources, and access all your documents no matter where you are.

  • Project chat

    Real-time collaboration with built-in chat rooms allows your employees to come together and join an important discussion. Keep conversations private or public and archive them so that you can refer to them in the future to understand what decisions were made.

  • Project coordinator

    Do you have an idea that you want to share with your team? A meeting will take a lot of your time. Post a question, a status, add a task, or file an issue into the project feed and carry the discussion forward. This way, all can provide inputs to make quick decisions.

  • Project forums

    The members of your team working from different locations should communicate with each other even if they’re geographically separated. With an online interactive forum, you can post critical ideas and topics and capture all information on a single platform.

  • Project pages

    Project pages help your team create a repository of information and work in collaboration. It is on your team intranet where you can publish documents, links, new ideas, specifications, and reference materials for everyone within the organization to view.

  • Project planning

    With a project management plan, you can simplify complicated projects into easily manageable parts with task lists, tasks, subtasks, and milestones. Plan accurately without missing deadlines and gain project control with recurring tasks, subtasks, and dependencies.

  • Reporting tools

    Do you want to know about your project performance? Use the reporting tools to get a detailed view of your team’s progress through an insightful dashboard. Create numerous reports including charts, project status, planned vs. actual reports, and utilization of hours. Analyze data and turn data into actionable insights.

  • Resource utilization chart

    Use the resource utilization chart to determine which of your teammates are busy, who are free, and who’s overburdened with work. Using the chart helps you to ensure that all jobs are distributed equally among the team members.

  • Timesheet

    Make a note of the start date and end date of tasks with timesheets. Your teammates working on a project can record their billable and non-billable hours that can help you determine the task time. Streamline project performance, export data from timesheets in the required format, and raise invoices for payments.

    Consolidate all project related information in a single place. This way, your team will not be forced to toggle between apps, leading to confusion and wastage of time. Collaborate with your team members to get your work done on time.

How your System will look like?

This is how your project management system will look like.

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