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Support Ticket System

Track all your tickets from generation to resolution. Change every complaint and ‘issue’ into an amazing customer service experience.

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Our Support Ticket Solution

Qvatic’s support ticket system helps you to monitor, prioritize, and resolve customer issues fast and effectively.

We put all your data on a single platform so that all communication between you and your customers is smooth, efficient, and relevant. With our support ticket application, collaborate faster with your teams to offer accurate, enterprise-level customer support. With all tools integrated into the system, get quick solutions to customer problems. Let your support team help customers get the most out of your product or service offerings.

Product benefit

Benefits of Our Support Ticket System

  • Set priorities

    With an automated support ticket system, you can set ticket priorities automatically depending on their importance. You can assign tickets to customer service reps based on their experience and skills. Categorize tickets so that the agents can resolve customer issues quickly.

  • Manage all conversations in one place

    Managing customer interactions has never been easier. You can handle all communication over the phone, live chat, social media, and email from a single platform.

  • Get a real-time look at issues

    Keep track of and control incoming support tickets to ensure that no agent is working on the same one. Get a real-time insight into customer issues and collaborate efficiently.

  • Flag messages

    Our support ticket system helps you manage tickets efficiently with an automated workflow. You can assign a particular ticket to an agent depending on its importance. You can even flag messages as urgent.

Perform multiple actions

With our support ticket system, you can perform multiple actions on a single ticket such as adding tags or modifying its status with a few easy clicks using the advanced tools and options. Avoid actions like solving similar problems by automating repeated tasks to save your agent’s time.

Our support ticket system offers clarity into customer interaction that helps to address their problems efficiently. Build trust by providing a quick, accurate, and personalized support to your customers. Offer priority support and manage escalations by setting and exceeding expectations.

  • Ticket views

    Prioritize issues through filters to categorize problems by relevance, significance, or ticket property. Save ticket views for future reference to avoid repetitive tasks.

  • Ticket status

    Create status for tickets raised depending on the workflow to ascertain what stage a specific ticket is in.

  • Collaboration

    Work in collaboration with your internal teams to minimize ticket resolution time and increase productivity. Resolve complex issues to exceed customer expectations and deliver outstanding support.

  • Report generation

    Create reports to identify obstacles, monitor service quality, keep track of performance, and measure customer satisfaction. Learn about the areas where the agents excel and those where they need to improve.

How your System will look like?

This is how your Support Ticket System will look like. A custom screen is essential to meet your specific business requirements.

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