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Content Management

Create Magic With Words. Churn Out Awesome Content

Do not write content for your website or blog just for the sake of it. Your prospective customers are on a buying journey, and so your guest posts, how-to articles, in-house blogs, and web 2.0 posts should be unique, informative, and engaging. This is the reason we produce high-quality content that makes a difference. After all, content is king.

E-commerce Development


We develop e-commerce websites from where you can sell a variety of products from any part of the world and reach out to millions of online customers. With Qvatic’s e-commerce web development services, you get fully responsive sites that are compatible with multiple devices and screens.

Our feature-rich e-commerce sites help your customers with a one-page checkout for quick payment processing, thus driving sales and returns. Your customers can choose from multiple payment gateways that we integrate into your e-store, making transactions secure and effortless. Our e-commerce solutions make monitoring, analyzing, and managing your inventory super easy!

If you want more customers to load their shopping carts with your products, get in touch with our e-commerce developers today.

Responsive Website


We live in a multi-screen age and move from one device screen to the other throughout the day. We start working on our PCs, browse shopping sites on smartphones, and finally move to tablets. Based on a study by Google and IPSOS, a global market research and consulting firm, it was found that 90 percent of users are sequentially moving between multiple screens in a day. So, to reach out to your prospective customers, you must have a responsive website that is optimized for multiple screens.

Your next-generation business requires a responsive website design, that is, a mobile-friendly site that aptly fits a PC, laptop, smartphone, and tablet screens. At Qvatic, we help you build responsive sites that boost traffic, strengthen online presence, and improve conversion rates.

We design mobile-friendly websites that perform and fetch you the desired results. Hire our responsive web design experts who are aware of Mobilegeddon - Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update.

Website Maintenance


Today’s customers are smart enough to find their way around your website and look for information to determine whether your business is worth their money and time. Would you like to lose customers and possible conversions because of an unsecured website? We don’t think so. Our website maintenance services will ensure that your site is safe and provide you with reliable solutions without creating a dent in your wallet.

Whether you own a small or medium-sized business, our website maintenance team is happy to offer the support you require. Maintenance services may involve simple site updates such as tweaking images or text on a particular web page to fixing broken links or integrating new pages or functionalities to your website.

If you are looking for website maintenance, contact the Qvatic team today for on-time, cost-effective, and outstanding website support services.

Custom Application


Managing the ever-growing business operations using legacy systems/applications could prove as a roadblock and affect your growth. Off-the-shelf applications will slow down the organization’s response to change. It also affects growth opportunities and change management. The solution is to have dynamic applications that are in adherence with the latest trends. Regardless of your business, the success lies in creating the right strategy as well as finding a partner who can help with minimum time-to-market and a cost efficient approach.

Qvatic possesses extensive experience and skill set to build tailor-made applications to suit the business needs. We have experience, demonstrated multi-domain expertise and knowledge on the latest technologies. Additionally, we also offer training and support to empower the in-house team. We work with the customers to develop solutions that provide various strategic benefits such as simpler architecture, faster time-to-market, agility, and scalability. Our ultimate goal is to help organizations with a competitive edge in the long run.

CMS Website


Static website designing entails the creation of small and big sites that incorporate simple design concepts without complex coding. At Qvatic, we design static web pages that are both creative and appealing. The static web pages load quickly as they do not include any e-commerce systems or extensive custom programming. With static web pages, you get a basic website with the same content or information unless you manually update the same.

It includes a few basic HTML pages and works fine for a small business or a start-up site that displays the same information to all visitors. It is ideal for those businesses that require limited content updates. The benefits of static web design include:
  • Reduced cost
  • Easy to design and host
  • Simple tweaks with knowledge of basic HTML
  • Ideal for small businesses requiring no major content updates

If you want to design a static website for your small business, we will be happy to help.


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