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Responsive Website

We live in a multi-screen age and move from one device screen to the other throughout the day. We start working on our PCs, browse shopping sites on smartphones, and finally move to tablets. Based on a study by Google and IPSOS, a global market research and consulting firm, it was found that 90 percent of users are sequentially moving between multiple screens in a day. So, to reach out to your prospective customers, you must have a responsive website that is optimized for multiple screens.

Your next-generation business requires a responsive website design, that is, a mobile-friendly site that aptly fits a PC, laptop, smartphone, and tablet screens. At Qvatic, we help you build responsive sites that boost traffic, strengthen online presence, and improve conversion rates.

We design mobile-friendly websites that perform and fetch you the desired results. Hire our responsive web design experts who are aware of Mobilegeddon – Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update.