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Should You Use Video Marketing for Promoting Your Brand?

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Should You Use Video Marketing for Promoting Your Brand?

Video Marketing

Every minute, 72 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube. Why? Videos enable businesses to bring more traffic to their channels. All that you need are specific optimization tactics to capitalize on video marketing. According to market reports, 63 percent businesses have already started utilizing video marketing. Even though some have simply followed the trend, 82 percent users have seen positive results by including video marketing in their brand promotional strategies.

Interesting Facts That Can Induce You to Use Video Marketing

Going by some reports, viewers can retain 95 percent of a message when watching a video as opposed to 10 percent when reading texts. There are some more impressive figures to watch out.

  • When compared to image posts on Facebook, the video posts can generate 135 percent greater organic reach.
  • The views per day have reached a whopping 8 billion in the recent times. What is more? More than 45 percent people watch videos on Facebook and YouTube for more than an hour every day.
  • The total amount of time spent on watching videos on Facebook daily is 100 million hours.

The Internet has a lot to offer to the growing numbers of mobile users. All major social media platforms, including, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn have started finding ways so that their users can create as well as watch videos. After all, businesses are interested in seeing their marketing strategies covert into sales.  It has been seen in the recent past that video users lead to 35 percent higher conversion rates than the web users.

How to Make the Most of the Investment?

There are some problems with video posts, though. People engage while watching the videos, but often, the engagement doesn’t last long. While marketers are satisfied with holding a significant section of the audience primarily, they are somewhat frustrated for not getting the follow through. Thankfully, there are tools which help in analyzing the behavior of audience on Facebook and Google AdWords, allowing you to generate better leads.

Several social media platforms allow a great deal of customization. For example, Facebook allows the advertisers to create their target audience. Following the trend that these people follow there’s the “Engagement on Facebook” tag which helps them target the audience.

There are options like ‘Video,’ ‘Lead Ad,’ ‘Canvas’ and ‘Page’ for which the advertisers can engage the audience. Go through the list of the audience who watched your video, and for how long.

Make your choice depending on your needs.

Video advertising is not only affordable but has the broadest reach. This is why more and more businesses today rely on this marketing technique.  Video marketing is a perfect combination of technical and creative elements that can help you create magic on the Web. Sounds exciting? Get in touch with us here. At Qvatic, our digital marketing team can help you connect with your target audience through engaging videos.

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