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Why You Still Require A Custom CMS In 2018?

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Why You Still Require A Custom CMS In 2018?


Content management systems (CMS) enjoy tremendous popularity as they allow users to manage their webpage contents effectively with minimal HTML knowledge. However, despite the availability of hundreds of open-source CMS on the Internet, a custom CMS is still the preferred option for businesses worldwide. Why? Find out below:

1. Eliminate Pesky Updates

Updates – a necessary evil for businesses. After all, no company can afford several hours of downtime. Thankfully, when you avail a custom CMS, you minimize the needs for updates as the system is developed as per your specifications. Updates are few and far between, and even then it’s possibly because you wanted a new function added to the content management system. Moreover, the developer will have extensive knowledge of your in-house CMS, which means additional features can be added or built with relative ease. Also, developers will make sure the new functions stay compatible with existing ones, so there the performance of the CMS is not hampered in any way.

2. Experience Improved Security

What makes bespoke CMS more secure is the unique framework that is developed under stringent conditions and features fewer issues. Most of the time, these CMS are coded by a single developer rather than a large team. The unfamiliarity with such a unique system makes it harder for hackers and other malicious entities to exploit the bugs in the CMS and wreak havoc.

3. Benefit From Custom Code

Availing a custom CMS gives your company access to a bespoke design. This is beneficial for clients seeking a website that sets itself apart from the competition.  Together with the usability of the design, the CMS ensures users of varying skills and abilities can navigate the system efficiently. Every function and element of the CMS is custom-coded, which allows clients to manage their site easily.

An off-the-shelf CMS might be enough for small businesses.  But bigger businesses require more functionality than what is offered by a simple page or blog management system like Drupal or WordPress. And that is precisely what a CMS website developer offers. Hiring an experienced firm will provide all the functionality your business needs to grow and succeed. Contact such a firm here.

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