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Success Story

EMI Shielding Products and Services

We worked on the digital campaign of one of our clients dealing in EMI shielding products and services. Our client designs products for electronic enclosures, circuit boards, and interconnect tables. It serves a military and commercial customer base. Our SEO and digital marketing worked the extra mile to improve traffic, leads, and conversions for the client’s website. The business is based out of US.


Here are the success factors for our pet relocation client website:

Date Range: October 1, 2015 to May 31, 2017

Form Fill-up:

Form Fill-up

We have received total 577 form fill-ups during this period.

PDF Download:

PDF Download

A total 2032 PDF downloads happened during this period.

Business Keywords Google Rank Comparison (Base Month vs. Current Month):

Business Keywords Google Rank Comparison

We had 1 keyword in top 10 positions in Google. However, we now have 6 keywords in top 10 positions in Google’s first page.

Traffic Comparison (Base Month vs. Current Month):

Traffic Comparison

In the base month, we had 3615 visits, where as in the current month we received 5909 visits for the business. Overall traffic has increased 63.46% compared to the base month.

Phone Calls:

Phone Calls

We received 39 phone calls during this period.

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