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Success Story



Conceived as a modern platform that sought to offer a ‘launch pad’ for artistes and performers, Show Berries started off with a lofty dream. However, there was one problem— it had no digital presence and no website where the budding artistes could register. We at Qvatic presented a solution. We designed a functional website that was informative, appealing, and easy to navigate. Was our attempt successful? The rising traffic and registrations speak for themselves.

Third-time lucky

Did you know, Qvatic was the third company working on the project? The first two companies failed to meet the client’s expectations or to offer any measurable results. This was when Show Berries approached us, and we impressed the client with our focused approach and comprehensive services.

Starting from scratch

Understanding the unique business model of Show Berries was the first challenge for us. Unlike an e-commerce company, it didn’t sell any product, and unlike any run-of-the-mill business, it did not sell any services. It sold dreams and desires, hopes and promises. For us, it meant creating a website that would imbibe this very essence of the company. We achieved the desired result by making the website eye-catching yet clutter-free, appealing yet easy-to-navigate.


Integrated approach

Looking at the growing popularity of mobile devices, we suggested that the client should consider opting for a mobile app. And they did. The result was astounding. We have also helped the client establish its digital presence. Right now, Show Berries has more than one lac views on its Youtube channel and more than 5,000 followers on this social media channels.

Rising popularity

Show Berries has created a mark in its industry within a brief span of just two months. It has emerged as a popular choice among performers and event organizers alike. Event managers from across India are contacting Show Berries for accessing its pool of fresh talent. Show Berries is now India’s first and largest online platform for artistes. We are happy that we played a significant part in their journey to the top.

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