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Content Marketing Is Incomplete Without Google Analytics. Why?

Google Analytics for Content Marketing

Data keeps playing the most significant role in all marketing campaigns. Companies who lay out strategies driven by data have a better understanding of their customers and hence can enhance customer engagement. As far as online marketing is concerned, the data is mostly used in SEO, PPC or social campaigns. But can we create data-driven […]

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4 Content Writing Hacks You Can Use To Boost Your Online Presence

How to dominate online search results with engaging contents?

In the digital era, the explosion of customer data has revolutionized how businesses market their products and services. Against this backdrop, high-quality contents are in more demand than ever before because these materials enable businesses to personalize their ads for different customers and prospects. However, just adding up a few sentences will not help you […]

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Build Your Brand With Great Content: Here’s How

Build Brand with Content

Content is not the first thing that pops into people’s heads when they hear the term ‘corporate branding.’ However, contrary to popular perception, there’s a lot more to branding than logos, taglines, and color schemes. Helpful, relevant content plays a critical role in furthering your brand position, not only as the preferred resource for your […]

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Is The Length Of An Article A Serious Concern For Content Marketing?

Is The Length Of An Article A Serious Concern For Content Marketing

What should be the ideal length of a blog post that aspires to be attention-grabbing and share-worthy?  The answer is not simple to find as word count is just one of the many aspects of the content creation process.There are quite a few variables which a writer should consider while deciding the best length for […]

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3 Ways To Avoid Content Mediocrity

How many different ways can you say, “Choose our products,” without annoying your readers or making them feel jaded? When you keep churning out blogs and articles on a day to day basis, your content tends to become boring. The piece does not read well. And when your write-ups lack the unique flavor, the monotony […]

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