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3 Android Oreo Features That Change The Discourse Of Mobile App Development

Android Oreo Features

The smartphones are now an integral part of human lives, and over the years, our reliance on these devices has increased at an alarming rate. We need mobile phones to wake up in the morning, to connect with the world, even when we’re on transit, to entertain ourselves with movies and music, and also to […]

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How Is GDPR Changing The Mobile App Landscape?

Impact of GDPR on mobile apps

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced on May 25, 2018, across 28 European Union (EU) member states. A set of regulations aimed at protecting the personal data of EU residents, non-compliance can prove costly for businesses. But how does GDPR relate to mobile app makers? Well, even if you work with an international […]

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How Can An App Benefit Your Pharmacy?

How Can An App Benefit Your Pharmacy

With the Apple Health app making it easier for users to access medical records (Source: www.theverge.com), now’s the perfect time for pharmacy owners to invest in a pharmacy app to improve patient loyalty and ROI. Pharmacies often lose customers due to issues like long wait times and tedious search for the right drug. Customers having […]

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3 Hot Tools To Take The Cross-Platform App Development To The Next Level

Cross platform mobile app

On an average, an American adult spends roughly 73.8 hours per month on his/her smartphone. On a smaller scale, the usage of the smartphone comes down to a bit less than 2.5 hours per day. These figures have proved lucrative enough for businesses. The importance of having a presence on the web was established long […]

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3 Technologies That Can Take Your Mobile App To The Next Level

Mobile App development

With smartphone and tablet usage surging, mobile apps are becoming increasingly important. To put things in perspective, 178.1 billion smartphone apps were downloaded worldwide in 2017, up from 90 billion in 2016. No wonder businesses are investing $270,000 on average to develop mobile apps and extend their approach in different fields, from marketing to customer […]

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3 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs A Mobile App

restaurant mobile apps

With evolving technologies, mobile apps have become a part of our lives. Today, you will find feature-rich applications for almost everything, be it for shopping, buying movie tickets, listening to your favorite music on the go, or catching up on all the episodes of your favorite Netflix series. Keeping with this trend, more and more […]

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