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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Here are the standard terms and conditions that apply to all work done by Qvatic:

1. Contractual Agreement

There will be a contractual agreement between Qvatic and the client. Once clients send their approval, we start with the work. The approval can be sent via the quote document signed by the client or an email that confirms the quote, with the document attached.

2. Browser Compatibility

We design and develop web pages that work seamlessly on all major browsers including the latest versions IE, Chrome, and Firefox released on the date of the agreement. However, we will not be responsible for pages that display content inappropriately in new browser versions released after the website has been designed. We do not work with the outdated versions of IE and recommend the use of Chrome and Firefox.

3. Technical Troubleshooting

Qvatic will provide one year of free technical troubleshooting for problems like bugs, API integration errors, connectivity errors, coding errors, and server side scripting. However, we will not extend any support if the errors occur because of any external entity.

4. Website Maintenance

We will raise an invoice for the following services separately once the site goes live. They are:

  • Logical tweaks and website modifications that were not approved by the client previously
  • Design updates and presentation of content that were not approved by the client previously
  • Content updates

5. Payment

Qvatic will raise an invoice upon completion of a web development project but before it goes live. We send bills via emails. However, if clients request a hard copy of the invoice, we will send that too. All bills raised will be due on receipt. If the outstanding amount is due after 15 days of the invoice date, Qvatic reserves the right to stop all project related work and the client agrees to excuse us from meeting the deadlines.

6. Client Material

The material provided by clients will remain their property. We believe that the material belongs exclusively to them and it does not violate any copyright laws. We shall not be responsible for any damages, claims, or loss of reputation/profit caused to our clients because of the material provided them.

7. Domain Names

The domain names registered by Qvatic on behalf of our clients are our property until they pay for the domain booked. Once clients make the payment, we will transfer such domains to clients provided all dues are cleared. However, domains registered by clients are not subject to our terms and conditions.

8. Additional Costs

Clients are required to pay for any additional expenses needed for project completion. It includes the purchase of stock photos, special fonts, etc.

9. Third Party Services, Add-ons & Applications

All third party expenses (if any) such as the purchase of utilities, services, add-ons, and domain name registration must be borne by the client and payable to Qvatic. The third-party expenses include server space hosting fees, domain names, backup services, SSL certificates, APIs, plugins, applications, widgets, and payment gateway signup and fees.

10. Delayed Feedback from Client

If the client delays in providing any information or feedback to complete a particular project, Qvatic will be exempt from meeting the deadlines mentioned in the agreement. In case, the client fails to communicate within a fortnight, s(he) agrees that we retain the payments against the job done till date.

11. Change in Project Scope

The clients agree that deadlines can’t be met if they change the scope of the project after the project scope document is signed.

12. Copyright

We will own the copyright of all artwork, design, and source code created for our clients. However, clients retain the copyright of any graphics, logo, or images provided by them. They will also retain the copyright of PSDs, coding files, creatives, or source codes if s(he) has ordered the project with exclusive rights.

13. Temporary Access

In case, a client’s website is hosted on any third-party server, we must be provided temporary read or write access to the storage directories accessible through FTP.

14. Intellectual Property and Source Code Rights

Qvatic owns all intellectual property and source code rights. We can also reuse the codes for any other project, unless otherwise agreed upon.

15. Governing Law

The contract or agreement shall be governed by the existing laws of the country.
Qvatic has the right to change or modify the terms and conditions any time. However, contracts signed before the updates made to this agreement will be unaffected. If you have any further queries or information about our terms and conditions, please feel free to contact us.

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