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Top 3 Mistakes Marketer Makes In Their Adword Campaigns

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Top 3 Mistakes Marketer Makes In Their Adword Campaigns

Adwords Campaign Mistakes

Small businesses spend anywhere between $9,000 and $10,000 a month on Google AdWords campaigns. That’s almost $100,000 to $120,000 annually . While this appears to be a sizable investment, it makes sense considering businesses earn an average of $2 in revenue for every dollar spent on AdWords. No wonder 73 percent of marketers plan to increase their ad spending in 2018. However, results do vary from one business to another. To increase the probability of increased returns, try avoiding the five common AdWords mistakes mentioned below:

1. Never Underestimate the Importance of Your Landing Page

In 2015, Microsoft Corp. conducted a non-peer-reviewed comparative study between the attention spans of a human and a goldfish. The two were found to be disturbingly close. In fact, the goldfish’s nine-second attention span beat our current span by half a second. Thus, marketers have their work cut out for them as it means selling quicker and cheaper. And that’s possible only if the landing page looks good, stays updated, and loads fast.

  • Ensure the content is short and succinct with eye-grabbing yet believable headlines.
  • The ultimate landing page will provide the maximum amount of information with the minimum graphics, videos, and animations.
  • Ad headlines should match the landing page headlines with numbers in both.
  • Ask the web developer to create multiple landing pages. Monitor their performance to find out which one works the best for your business.
  • A dedicated landing page impacts your site’s Quality Score, and unless you want to be penalized for poor placement of ads, pay close attention to the overall look and feel.

2. Avoid Using Negative Keywords in Settings

Inspect every aspect of your AdWords campaign for traces of negative keywords, so Google doesn’t display your ads for searches with those specific words and phrases. And if you think all publicity is good publicity, imagine what must go on in the minds of your target audience if they saw your ad appearing just below “business scam.” Plus, some keywords actually hurt your business in the long run. For instance, if you’re an advertising firm and your business is showing up on searches for event management, that doesn’t bode well for conversions. Sure, it might bring in a lot of traffic, but unfortunately, it’s not the kind of traffic you’d want because none of these visitors want to advertise anything. So, to uphold your business reputation, and benefit from high CTR and actual conversions, focus on negative keywords. The best part is, AdWords suggests several negative keywords so you can get started. It’s nothing comprehensive, but it does help your business move forward.

3. Do Not Skip Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are a great way for your company to display more details below the ad copy, thereby allowing your consumers to know more about your products and brand before they even click the ad. Ad extensions assist with ad rankings, and the more exposure your ad gets, the more conversions your business will enjoy.

With how much the Internet landscape and the AdWords interface has changed and evolved over the years, it’s easy to understand why marketers miss, ignore, or forget these small but potentially dangerous campaign mistakes. You need to evaluate your AdWords account closely to detect the pattern of missteps. And once you do, contact us here for a solution that once again provides the desired returns.

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