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Virtual Assistant: What Is The Big Deal?

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Virtual Assistant: What Is The Big Deal?

Alexa! Siri! Cortana! Nina! Google Assistant! Welcome to the world of intelligent and adorable office assistants that can answer questions, send out thank you cards to your vendors, make vendor calls, and perform many other errands for you. Even the big brands like Bank of America and Walmart are embracing these AI-driven digital assistants in a big way. Why? All over the world, many small and medium businesses are following in their footsteps. So, do you want to explore this realm of outsourcing errands and find out what the big deal is? You may have a lot of queries. What are the technologies that power these systems? What are some of the ways that this new model can disrupt your business? Is a virtual assistant fit for your venture? If yes, how can you get started? We will be answering these questions through a series of articles. Let’s start with a brief overview of how these software programs –designed to interface with humans in a human-like manner are disrupting the world.

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