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Why Do You Need Testimonials For Lead Generation?

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Why Do You Need Testimonials For Lead Generation?


When selling your services or products online, customer testimonials are major content elements used to persuade buyers to choose your merchandise. Testimonials are impartial reviews coming from users and, therefore, a positive comment can influence your customers to opt for your products. Besides text, you can also use video or audio testimonials for your website. When they come from genuine customers, your prospects believe in these recommendations because they are reliable as well as persuasive. Still not convinced? Here is why you must rely on client testimonials to generate leads:

Helps with SEO

When it comes to testimonials, they serve as useful content on your business website. The search engine giant Google loves user-oriented content, too. The more information web visitors find about your products or services, the better. Four to five lines of words add up to your web pages and when updated periodically helps your site to rank better in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Google loves both fresh and relevant content. So update your website with at least two testimonials twice a month.

Connects on an Emotional Level

Client recommendations are not merely meant to promote your products, but they help you connect with your targeted audience emotionally. According to neurological findings, people count on sentiments instead of reason to decide on many things. Brands that can strike an emotional chord with buyers reportedly perform better and succeed in convincing customers to choose their products. Starbucks, for example, creates a sense of community or togetherness in its cafes to connect with the audience. The famous coffee house chain has developed deeper connections with consumers to become a place to unwind between office and home.

Provides a Solution

Testimonials are nothing but customer stories. So grab your audiences’ attention with good storytelling. Imagine your buyers as individuals with a specific problem and your product or service offerings as the solution they need to make their lives simpler. With your clients championing your brand, and your products posing as friends, who can help your customers to overcome their problems, your prospects  will feel more confident in investing in your products or services.

Start gathering your testimonials. Request your existing buyers to share their positive experiences with your brand. Connect with those that you know are satisfied with your products. So if you want to tell your brand story, design a killer testimonials page, and convert prospects into loyal customers contact us today.

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