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Organic Content Is Key to Your Social Strategy: Here’s Why

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Organic Content Is Key to Your Social Strategy: Here’s Why

Organic Content

Businesses want their social media marketing efforts to yield fruit. But the continuous algorithm updates on Facebook and other platforms has made this difficult. Updates made by family and friends now take precedence over the content posted on brand pages. Thus, various companies have made the switch to paid social advertising –  the sponsored posts that businesses use to artificially boost their reach to specific demographics .so their content receives the right exposure from the target consumers. Does this mean that organic content is as good as dead? Absolutely not! While paid social has its share of benefits, organic content still rules supreme. In fact, according to imFORZA, an online marketing and web development firm, 70 to 80 percent of users ignore paid ads, focusing on the organic results instead. Check out the different ways organic content still matters for your marketing efforts:

1. Provides Your Target Audience the Quality They Expect

Paid media can’t work without organic content. To understand why, put yourself in your audience’s shoes.  Just imagine that you are lured into clicking on a visually attractive paid social media campaign. A click on that sponsored post will take you to the company’s homepage or any relevant landing page. However, if the company website lacks click-worthy contents, you are likely to leave the site almost immediately. The moral of the story? Paid campaigns may help you attract traffic, but it is the high-quality content that will keep your audience glued to your site/ social pages.

Considering our attention span has shrunk lower than a goldfish, brands can no longer risk pumping out lower content. The truth is, there is no substitute for quality content. A good write-up has the power to attract new customers, just as poor quality content drives them away. And investing hundreds and thousands of dollars to boost the same substandard content won’t convince them to change their mind. So, it’s good to take a step back and turn your attention towards producing high-quality content that will not only perform organically but bring social media success.

2. Helps the Audience Understand What Your Brand Stands For

Organic social media content is a great way to explore your brand’s creativity and voice. But more than that, this non-paid channel helps you develop a solid foundation by communicating your brand’s values and lifestyle to potential and existing consumers. The process varies from one platform to another. For example, Pinterest is perfect for sharing how-to content, tips and tricks, while visual media content, like product images and lifestyle photography, plays straight to the Instagram audience. So, familiarize yourself with the strengths of each social media site and differentiate your company.

3. Create Engaged Communities Faster

A user won’t become a brand loyalist the moment they notice a paid social media advertisement. Only when they notice periodic business updates from your side will they attempt to learn more about your brand and develop a sense of kinship for your organization. Moreover, when one of your existing followers shares or comments on your content, they are effectively endorsing your company because their actions are visible to other social media contacts.  So, having a limited but loyal community of users is better for your brand’s social channels than thousands of disengaged followers. As time goes on, this engaged community this engaged community builds on itself organically, which is virtually unheard of with paid ads.

Although it is easy to dismiss organic content in today’s predominantly paid social world, it continues to be relevant in various ways. Yes, organic reach is no longer what it used to be, but when harnessed and supported in the right ways, it becomes an irreplaceable ally in your bid to reach the top of the social media marketing chain. The main takeaway: invest in creating quality content that your target audience will find helpful and interesting.

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